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Should Marines in video be court-martialed?

Posted 6 years.


  • clerestory - 6 years ago

    Marines are more of an EMBARRASSMENT to America than an asset . Most of them are living on the reputation of WWII and Korea Marines . Currently they are "The few . The Proud . The Wacko . These Marines are worst better than the Taliban they are suppose to represent America . These Marines are WAR CRIMINALS.

  • richard thompson - 6 years ago

    This was now they felt personallyand I agree I would gone a step further and shaved them bald.They danced for 911 [muslums]. They are not to be trusted. Arafat was living proof of that.

  • richard thompson - 6 years ago

    This was now they felt personallyand I agree I would gone a step further and shaved them bald.They danced for 911 [muslums]. They are not to be trusted. Arafat was living proof of that.

  • W.S. Connor - 6 years ago

    I'm a 71 year old Marine whose been there. There is no excuse for this type of action. The dumbest part is to self incrimanate with a video. Two marines in Viet Nam were convicted of
    waterboarding and spent time in Levenworth Federal Prison.
    These Marines should face a court-martial and I am sure justice will win out.
    The fellow Marines I served with went on R&R , got drunk, went back and did our job and did our duty to the best of our ability. Some of us were lucky enough to make it home. Others were not but all of us served with honor.

    Bill Connor USMC VET

  • c Eliot - 6 years ago

    I agree w/ Jay Cotttrell (previous writer) completely. Also Patriot. Leaders in America are sickening syrupy politically correct do nothing anti-Americans. "War is Hell" the warriors say---give the men a break!

  • Patriot - 6 years ago

    Before condeming the Marines, let's remember what terrorists do to their enemies dead or alive. Among other things, they are beheaded, their bodies are dragged through the streets, dismemberment, etc. Urinating on terrorists is nothing compared to this. Bleeding heart liberals need to choose a side. If they want to side with the terrorists, then they should leave America now!

    Semper Fi!

  • Mimi - 6 years ago

    This has caused an international incident. The marine's behavior goes against all the USA stands for. Just because some elements have shown disrespect to the USA during this conflict is no excuse for American GI's to behave badly. It lowers us to their level. We're supposed to be more civilized and evolved than the enemy.... right? Guess not. Court marshal them. Let facts speak in a court of law.

  • clerestory - 6 years ago

    To Mr. Cottrell. "Americans have the RIGHT to judge a Marines . They are a embarrassment to AMERICA and Americans far to often . Their frustration is understandable given they can't even defeat an enemy with near the fire power or training and after 9 years they can't defeat them. I am sick and tired of hearing about the Marine corp . The Marines are just not worth the trouble or respect . It's not "SEMPI FI " to America it's to the corp . When is it going to be SEMPI FI to America? Marines "Only a few good men the rest mentally ill"

  • clerestory - 6 years ago

    The Marines motto is "A FEW good men " and that is the truth .The Marines have only a few good men the rest are mentally disturbed .Or the "few the proud an the wacko " Todays Marines are an embarrassment to former Marines ,and the country . If they are not mentally deranged when they enter they are total nuts when they finish . How Marines of the past who were exceptional can allow they current Marines live on their great name is unbelievable . On;y a Marine would be that stupid .

  • Ooh Rah Platoon 2072 - 6 years ago

    Would you rather be pissed on or shot in the head. Maybe we should piss on each other instead of blowing each other to pieces.

  • Jay Cottrell - 6 years ago

    No one knows what happened leading up to the incident. As a Marine, I feel thier biggest mistake was video-taping it. A Taliban spokesman was quoted saying the incident was barbaric. What about all of the Americans who took a nose dive off TWC on 911? Or the constant videos of Taliban and Al Queda cowards beheading victims while they are handcuffed? Those Marines were venting frustration. Maybe not the right way. Dont judge a warrior untl you walk in thier boots. Semper Fi.

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