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Should Florida ban welfare recipients from buying junk food?

Posted 6 years.


  • Patty Garcia - 5 years ago

    SNACKS????? My kids snack was a peanut butter and jelley sandwich with a glass of milk!!!
    If they wanted something I told them we couldn't afford it. My grandchildren(5) are being brought up to eat grapes,blueberries and cheeze for snacks. They don't NEED sodas,chips and candy bars!

  • Patty Garcia - 5 years ago

    I work in a grocery store and it makes me sick to my stomach what these people feed their kids on our tax dollars. It's free money to them and they don't care and even think they deserve it. They teach their children how to slide the card and put in the pin.
    I baked all my children's birthday cakes and they did NOT have sodas to drink or junk food. we were military and only had so much money to go grocery shopping every 2 weeks. I stayed home and cooked all the meals from microwave meals or frozen pizzas!
    My children were healthier thus less trips to the military clinics which were free.
    These people need to take some responsibility and quit living off the taxpayers.

  • kristina - 6 years ago

    ALL states should ban welfare recipients from buying junk food with their food stamps!

  • deeashley - 6 years ago

    Some of the comments I am reading are Outlandish, what's happen to MOST of us, are we all so buried in our own quest to survive these dreadful times, until we would refuse a chocolate chip cookie to a child, a child which may only have this to look forward. Given the dilemma OUR Chosen Officials have situated, a once great America, it may not be an over statement of the above child's plight. I do admit, we all have a share in the free fall of our Nation, depriving a child from a treat is hardly that share. Somehow we've turned a blind eye to keeping World Dictators on Welfair, if you will, or Rebuilding entire nations, while allowing the crumpling of OUR own Educational System, that system does not even PLACE, in the middle of the pack of Like Nations. Over weight, yes, that can be a problem, don't you think it strange that MOST CEO's have moved company assests, as well as jobs to Countries offering ,Yes, less wages, and GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE, isn't that an anomaly?? What about the health of the Sons and Daughters of women, who were Blindly sent in search of WMD's to a war in which Obama, and Hillary seem to win, or do as much, with only, an elite group of Special Forces, so why all those Children's lives LOST! Shall we persist on cutting cost to the elderly while increasing tax breaks to Companies out-sourcing. I can't say I agree with Obama, and Hillary's actions and positions ways but I can say, I am warming up to the" My House First, and than you" attitude of this Administration, and getting us out of a war(s) that was never going any place, and showing that the Mission could have been accomplished with America's Special Forces, hasn't hurt my position as well. Now any Politican telling you that their going to "Give every American a job, Outlaw Mini Skirts, and give your husband back his High School Body, all for your vote, hell, he may as well throw in the 10 virgins. Let's get real and help America get back...

  • Jeff - 6 years ago

    We shouldn't ban junk food on food stamps. We give
    Recipients "x" amount, based on their income. Who are we
    To tell them how to eat? We should however restrict the
    Cash benefits from being withdrawn in places such as
    Strip clubs & casinos.

  • joe - 6 years ago

    this been going on for decades people been buying birthday cakes because they are to busy to bake a cake our kids are so happy to see a cake in their in favorite cartoon characters on top of the cake they are happy to see what they ask for is on top of the cake this makes the kids day i see it on their faces when their mothers does this for them it will break their hearts if their mothers couldnt do this for them any more

  • Freddie Dent - 6 years ago

    Just because Ms. Storms can back her child a cake that doesn't mean that the next Person have to by the items to back a cake. Everybody can't bake like you. The system has been what it is for the past decades. And she needs to stop trying to change it now. And let it be. Yes people buy snacks for their kids that's on the program and they also able to buy food for their kids. and at some point she might be right. Instead of cutting out the snacks. Why not suggest that they buy healthier snacks.

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