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Should Kodak film live forever?

Posted 7 years.

1 Comment

  • jukka watanen - 6 years ago

    I think that the business practices of Kodak should be thoroughly investigated first. I think there is (in today`s marketplace) something very wrong when we in Europe, cannot buy Kodak films straight from the manufacturer or a distributing organization of Kodak. When we want TRI-X it is "made in America" that means cut and packed in cassettes in Mexico, shipped to Brazil and from there bought as "grey import" to Germany. If you tried to buy it from adorama or B&H, the answer was "USA only"
    If Kodak or the consortum that continues production in Rochester, would have a mail order set up that ships within 4-5 days everywhere in globe, just as chinese vendors do, I guess the profits for them would go up 100-200%
    The price structure would be based on quantity, so bigger orders would be encouraged. everybody knows that B&W film will stay perfect in freezer even the past date is 5 years old.

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