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Is Allen West a strategic thinker or a political opportunist?

Posted 6 years.


  • Toni - 6 years ago

    Good riddance to Representative West - he certainly hasn't represented me or a large portion of the 99% that he was elected to represent. He is a mean-spirited man, with a chip on his shoulder who says unbelievably stupid things to garner the support of the right-wing tea bag conservative minority. Sort of like a matador using a red flag to inflame a bull to charge. The bull really can't think but charges the the matador and gets knife stuck in him for rushing in without thinking. I feel sorry for the bull, but not the tea bag conservatives.

  • Fatigued by bombast - 6 years ago

    The man obviously believes is a political Rambo, while, in reality he's just an empty helmet shooting off misfires and blanks He might try leading with some commanding positive ideas. Voters should go on K(rep)P(raying) for a better candidate.

  • Ashamed to be a Republican - 6 years ago

    C. Con man.
    He is fleecing the mentally challenged t-baggers well enough. I guess that is a good thing though. Less money for them to send to Goldline. I have to lose my moral compass and get in on these schemes. Hope it isn't too late, the 'baggers seem to have lost hot air to blow. Perhaps they are inside charging their Medicaid/Medicare provided "personal mobility" scooters or they are too busy forwarding email lies about our Muslim, terrorist, Kenyan, Marxist, Communist, abortion loving President. Ugh. Shameful what the Republican Party has become.

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