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What Is Your Diagnosis?

Posted 6 years.


  • Laena - 5 years ago

    I have been diagnosed with fibro, neuropathy, TBI, Severe Arthritis, Interstitial Cystitis, and now recently sciatica. I have constant, unbearable chronic pain. I also had 20 surgeries in 12 years due to severe, advanced endometriosis and the interstitial cystitis. My ex husband was a severe narcotic pain medication addict and was severely abusive (still dealing with some of the injuries and ongoing pain). That was from a couple years ago. Because he used my illnesses and injuries to feed his addiction, I was flagged in the system and now no one will treat me. I'm re-married, my husband is in the Navy and we are stationed on Pearl Harbor. I've tried the physical therapies, and the Lyrica and the Neurontin... You name it! The only thing that has ever worked for me HAS been then Narcotic pain killers, but high doses. No one will help me. I don't know what to do. Please help me. I'm 32 and shouldn't be in this much pain all the time and cry walking across the room. Help. PLEASE.

  • María Rosa - 6 years ago

    Hola, Yo tengo RSD/CRPS desde hace casi ya tres años, este será un mensaje más donde pido ayuda, yo vivo en México, tego mi médico tratante en Monterrey el Docotr Cantú.
    Mi problema es EN MEXICO NO HAY NADIE MÁS, POR LO TANTO NO HAY MEDICOS, NADIE HABLA DEL RSD, NADIE SABE QUE ES EL RSD, YO ESTOY SOLA este será uno más donde pido ayuda para formar una Asociación en México.
    Yo creo que debe de haber muchos enfermos de RSD ó de otros dolores neuropaticos, pero en un País, subdesarrollado es muy díficil que estén afuera, que hagan una vida Seminormal", es tan dificil ayudarme a formar una pequeña asociación? a dar p´laticas, seminarios, DAR A CONOCER QUE HAY RSD Y HABEMOS ENFERMOS DE RSD.



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