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What do you think of Nicki Minaj's 'Roman Holiday' Grammy performance?

Posted 6 years.


  • ajalon - 6 years ago


  • Julian - 6 years ago

    Wow! I don't even know where to start... Weird, awful, tasteless, offensive but not for the religios content but because of the absence of good lyrics, musical content and imagination. I think that woman is really possessed by an art hater clown who was killed by boredom.

    But what else can you eeeexpeeeect from Niiicky Miinnnajjj.

  • Dee dee - 6 years ago


  • Jane Doe - 6 years ago

    She is a Satan worshipping illuminati puppet, with a demonic message to usher in the "last pope" to be named Peter the Roman (look it up).

  • Christine Atkins - 6 years ago

    Who pushes this type of trash?? Nikki Minaj is a train wreck! There are so many talented people out there and someone is trying to make loads of cash off of this creep?

    Oh no thank you!

    And how can she be on stage with the likes of Bruce, on...

    And don't tell me that even negative press is publicity....I don't think so...

    Music industry...GET RID OF HER!!!!!!!!

  • aabreana - 6 years ago

    i thought it was great !!!:)) best part of the gramys by far!

  • blackninjo - 6 years ago

    It was horrible and sloppy.

  • Lisa - 6 years ago

    That was the worst sh*t i've ever seen....she should've been kicked off the stage, #heapoftrash

  • paul - 6 years ago

    This is just another example of trying to boost one's popularity by releasing something completely outlandish and controversial. Sadly, society continually accepts this behavior and supports it by helping these so-called celebrities reach stardom by purchasing their music, attending concerts, etc. For some reason entertainers (actors or musicians) feel that they can say whatever they want, whenever they want. Yes, we all given freedom of speech, but nobody gives a damn about your opinion or your views. The easiest way to shut these people up is to stop supporting them. Don't buy their music, don't go see the movie they're in, don't buy their stupid books and don't immerse yourself in their gossip. Ignore these idiots and let God handle the rest. Judgement Day will be the best show ever!

  • Melissa - 6 years ago

    I was appalled. What a horrible performance. On a show that started out praying for Whitney to have that on stage to disrespect religion how awful. I hope she regrets that whenever she grows up!!!!!!!@

  • Matt - 6 years ago

    Can't believe they let tht no talent nicki perform, young money has gotten so mainstream b/s its ridiculous thank god for j Cant and Wiz

  • Lynn - 6 years ago

    disrespectful, trashy and cheap cheap cheap.
    she got an old loser 2 play a father and all the stage props looked like they borrowed it from a local high school.... She must of have waisted all her money on trying 2 get "white girl hair".
    They should of let Jennifer Hudson sing again or anybody else that performed and stop Nicki from looking like such a cheap crazy clow.
    Drake said she was "intelligent" .... Ummm really!?!?!

  • Juanita - 6 years ago

    Tasteless, but not surprised, the only reason these people are where they are is because We The People, will watch, buy cd's, and give them support. The fact is if we are such God fearing people, we wouldnt allow such filth! How come it is we allow, gays, drugs, bisexuality, bad language, lies, murder, all to be put on Tv. When in fact the Bible (they are all written the same) clearly states these things are wrong. We cannot pick and choose what we want to see on television. If we are against one, we should be against all of it, other wise, we are hypocrites.

  • allison - 6 years ago

    After that performance, she may really get possessed by a demon. That's just playing with the devil. Scary.

  • Bob - 6 years ago

    The show had such a classy, upbeat and loving tone.

    How could they let that disgusting, ghetto piece of shit on stage. She is not entertaining. Shame on you Grammys for ruining the show. Honestly, how could you allow that pig to share the stage with Sir Paul McCartney. It would have been so amazing...

  • CHRIS - 6 years ago

    Why did they let that cheap, no talent whore perform? That brought down the whole show. And who actually thinks Nicki Minja is sexy? I'd take Lady Gaga over her anyday, and I'm not even a fan!

  • T - 6 years ago


  • Katie Bateman - 6 years ago

    Did I mention CHEAP?!?!

  • Katie Bateman - 6 years ago

    Nikki's performance was cheap, offensive, & totally confusing. It wasn't the time nor the place for that hideous "performance"; not that there IS a correct time or place for such garbage. I was somewhat of a fan of Minaj until tonight. I lost any respect that i may have had for her. I now see her as a CHEAP, NO-TALENT, OVER DRAMATIC WHORE. Just my humble opinion...

  • Elizabeth - 6 years ago

    I would hate to face my Lord and Savior after a performance like that. No matter who my God is how disrespectful. I use to love her! But she disgusted me tonight!

  • James - 6 years ago

    A disgrace. A horror... I lost all respect to her.
    A wanna be...

  • Jana - 6 years ago

    Disgusting crude, trashy, disrespectful. Shows that those with little talent resort to shock factor to be remembered. Disappointed that the grammies supported tbis.

  • kk - 6 years ago

    I am so confused as to where her performance even came from. I don't know if was mocking catholic religion it simply putting on a show.

  • Beverly - 6 years ago

    Regardless to how or what she performed ...who are we to judge her or label her evil?!? She is a performer and we each have a choice to listen and look or not... and as far as her being a role model for kids...if the parents stopped depending on the celebrities to be role models for their children and took on that role themselves as parents...the kids wouldn't be so lost and confused ....get it together people

  • Liz - 6 years ago

    John- what a great comment! It would be interesting to see what the reaction would be if nicki minaj sang against muslims! What a crazy "song" against Catholics! Why didn't she just show up dressed as a pregnant nun? Like the rest of the Catholic haters!

  • Lakeyla - 6 years ago

    Its sad what music has come to SMH........

  • Nicole - 6 years ago

    Loved it!!!!!!! Fire!!!

  • Bisi - 6 years ago

    Shes is evil & should be sent away far away..what a terrible example to the youth.

  • chelsea - 6 years ago

    I was disgusted. Exactly eho is saying she is a genius?

  • john - 6 years ago

    I dare her to do the Muslim equivalent of that performance ...

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