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Is Santorum right that birth control is ‘harmful to women?’

Posted 6 years.


  • db804 - 6 years ago

    @Jennifer Propson - "environment in the uterus which is inhospitable for an embryo to implant" would you rather create an "environment in America which is inhospitable for women to thrive"

  • Jennifer Propson - 6 years ago

    The World Health Organization (not a conservative body by any means)
    classifies the Pill as a Class 1 carcinogen. Check it. And if birth control,
    being as readily available as it is, is so effective, then why have there been
    40 million abortions since Roe v. Wade? Santorum is not telling people
    they cannot use birth control nor will he try to enact laws to that effect. But as person
    who believes that human life is sacred and does begin at conception, how could he embrace something that been shown to create an environment in the uterus which is inhospitable for an embryo to implant, thus at times causing early abortion. I'm sorry, but there is in fact an agenda to keep this kind of information out of the media.

  • L Robida - 6 years ago

    Pope Rick needs to decide if he wants to be a pastor or the POTUS. He cannot have it both ways. BUT as he sees things, we should all live our lives based upon what he has learned and believes every day.. The teachings of the Catholic Church. The same MALE leadership of the church that sees’s you with the rights, which they judge for you. I had my fair share of abuse at the hands of priest back in the 60's in the boarding homes that they ran in LA. When I was finally able to turn my life around and make my own choices for what church I would attend, IT WAS NO LONGER GOING TO BE THIS CHURCH OF RELIGOUS MIND CONTROL.
    I'm in my 50's now and I DO NOT WANT YOU AS POTUS, much less telling AMERICANS what choices they have with Birth Control and how to live their lives based upon the Catholic Church and its ALL MALE MENS CLUB. REMEMBER this is the church that slams its doors on everyone (Gays/Abortion/Divorce/Middle Eastern Religion other then Christians) that does not agree with them in their thinking, and is NOT OPEN TO A DIALOG on the issues that face America, UNLESS its 100% the churches way.
    Rick, I DISPISE the Catholic Church for all the damage that it has caused as well as you for the con artist that you are, by misleading people to vote for you. You and your damm catholic church are not needed at 1600 Penn Ave. Go back to your home and mind your own life style & business.

  • clerestory - 6 years ago

    The Republicans care little for women . Only they would have a committee on women's health issues and not have a majority of women on it . They have no women . Palin is their kind of women

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