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Should ‘bad drivers’ be told who accused them?

Posted 6 years.


  • joe - 6 years ago

    No, bad drivers need to not know who reported them, just because some of these crazies might want to retaliate against that person.

  • Edwin Delaney - 6 years ago

    Dave is 100 % correct in his statement. Making the accuser known will discourage people reporting things that are wrong. However, I think wrong things that are reported should always be signed by the reporting person. I have reported things that I believe to be wrong and have had my whole report given to the party I complained about. Makes me think there may be more wrong than I thought.

  • Dave - 6 years ago

    I know it is infuriating to think that someone has reported you for being a bad driver when you are not a bad driver and your record shows that. However, the easy solution is to take the driving test to prove the accuser wrong and be done with it. There has to be self satisfaction in that. Retaliation against the person reporting it is a vengeful retort and although you may have the self satisfaction of exoneration, you are hurting someone else, deserved or not. Making the accuser known is a violation of the Privacy Act of 1974 which protects individuals' rights to privacy. Making the accuser known also discourages the reporting of bad drivers who really need to be off the road.

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