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Was Obama right to apologize for Quran burnings?

Posted 6 years.


  • Obama - 6 years ago

    Apologising is a sign of weakness to camel fuckers, bush would never

  • dale kirtley - 6 years ago

    No way! We are talking BOOKS, people!
    Let them apologize for killing our soldiers! To hell with their silly storybooks.

  • BFV - 6 years ago

    Yes, absolutely! We should know that incident would be a trigger , literally, for them. We needed to emphasize it was an accident. The apology is all we can do. I just hope cooler heads prevail...soon before more of our soldiers pay the price.

  • Gwynne Chesher - 6 years ago

    Burning Qurans is not defending ourselves-it's simply antagonistic and arrogant. Thankfully this president has the IQ and the grace to apologize for a mistake.

  • Pl - 6 years ago

    They killed 2 troops over this we should dispurse the mob with rubber bullets! We need to defend ourselves! Start treating them the way they treat us! That's all they understand! Our president should never have appoligised

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