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Treatment Options You Tried?

Posted 6 years.


  • Dave Gray - 11 months ago

    Although it would be tough to gather the needed data in a simple one question survey - I think for the survey to be truly useful, the subject demands a more complex multi question survey.

    I agree with the above comment that many of us have tried several treatments, including many treatments which are not listed here - but which probably should be.

    I would suggest including broad classes of medical management (classes of medications such as antidepressants, meds such as gabapentin or pregabalin, opioids, NSAIDs, etc, etc, and mainstream alternative medical treatments (acupuncture, meditation, biofeedback), various other therapies such as TENS, rTMS, ECT, tDCS, AlphaStim, Ketamine Infusion &/or Experimental Physician or Psychiatrist directed Psychodelic Therapy, as well as any participation in a comprehensive multidisciplinary pain management program. Equally important - would be to gather data on how effective they thought the treatment was, how satisfied they were with the treatment, and even perhaps - how easy it was to find a doctor who would provide the treatment for them. I think it would also be valuable to know how long they have had their diagnosis, how many doctors they had seen before they were correctly diagnosed, how many doctors they had seen since and how many they had been happy with, and what their complaints were about the doctors that they were not happy with.

    I have had my CRPS Diagnosis since 2003, and I have been a Pain Patient advocate and led many support groups, both in person and online in that time, and these are all relevant issues that your original question brings up.

    Now there must be a counterpoint to the stories of the "opioid epidemic" supplied - especially now that the Government has decided that it is qualified to play physician and interpose itself between the doctor and the patient - taking over the supervisory role that qualified doctors on a medical board would normally play by issuing the CDC's new opioid prescribing guidelines which according to their stated goals were originally issued to provide guidance for general practice physicians who were considering opioids for new patients with chronic pain conditions, which were developed with the overwhelming influence of addiction medicine specialists, which discarded years of perfectly valid studies from earlier that 2015 as not being "the latest data" (of course, since the government funds most studies, they tend to find what they want to find), but which are now being used by state medical boards, the VA, Medicare & Medicaid as well as the DEA to limit what Board Certified Pain Management Specialists may prescribe for their highly compliant patients with even the most severe pain conditions who have been stable on fairly moderate doses (but considerably in excess of the guidelines) for years, with no evidence of abuse, or diversion, and who are drug screened before any prescription being written.

    Of course, like most laws of prohibition, and most actions taken in this so called "war on drugs" all of this will do the opposite of what was intended. By limiting legitimate pain patient's access to some of the only effective medications that they have to control their incredibly painful conditions, by denying the experiences of millions of severe chronic pain patients who do successfully and compliantly use limited amounts of opioids for years without escalation to assist in the control of their pain and to help them function in their everyday lives because between 5% and 10% of people develop true addictions (meaning 90% or more don't - and addictions are treatable problems). They ignore what an incredibly powerful motivation severe pain is, when an organism is in severe pain it will do just about ANYTHING TO STOP THE PAIN, Animals caught in painful traps chew off their legs. People commit suicide. If denied legal pain medicine - they will turn to illegal medicine. Heroin use will just explode because of governm

  • Stephanie Smith - 6 years ago

    I think that many pain patients have tried more than one of these treatment options. As the poll limits a voter to only one choice, it likely that the usage of each treatment option by pain patients has been grossly underreported. To obtain more accurate results, allow voters to make mutliple selections.

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