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Team Edward or Team Jacob????

Posted 6 years.


  • kodathewarrior - 1 year ago

    Team* guy who almost hit bella with a car. But Team Harry looks promising.

  • kodathewarrior - 1 year ago

    Tea guy who almost hit bella with a car.

  • Hello - 3 years ago

    Team S.Snape, anyone?

  • Wingardium LevioSO done with twilight - 3 years ago

    i said neither they both suck. It's the truth, Ruth.

  • Rosie - 3 years ago


  • :-J - 4 years ago

    I put other and wrote team Draco. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who hated Eddy-kins and Jacob-dear

  • aaditi - 4 years ago

    Please!!! I would rather join Death Eaters than joining those gay teams!

  • JeanyBlack - 4 years ago

    Bitch please, TEAM HARRY POTTER

  • Kitty Reese - 5 years ago

    Team Hunger Games! Team Harry Potter!

    Or, if it has to be Twilight: Team Leah. She is the only character that makes sense - therefore, everyone hates her. Or Team Guy-who-almost-hit-Bella-with-a-van.

  • FlowerPotterMAlfoyBlack (remember me?) - 5 years ago

    TEAM SIRIUS BLACK! Go paddy! Ride me to the ends of this world.

  • Alyssa - 5 years ago

    I don't need a Team you fuckin jerk animal. I'm in an Army... Dumbledore's Army !

  • Ron Weasley - 5 years ago

    TEAM HARRY POTTER. Why? Cause it is just freakin better, ok?? I dont know how people even CONSIDER twilight as a competition. I mean, What the hell?? Its HP people, the best book/movie in the whole word. AAAND its twilight people, the story about a depressed teenager who falls in love with a sparkling fairy!!! What is wrong with the world??

  • Eva - 5 years ago

    Team Harry potter! (or not cuz he's too cool for her). Team Dubledore's Beard!(too epic fer Bella). Overall... the one i vote for is... TEAM FOREVER ALONE!!

  • Emailie Kaychie - 5 years ago


  • Rose - 5 years ago


  • Parul - 5 years ago

    Team Harry Potter : Dumbledore's Army

  • Alba - 5 years ago

    What do I need a team for? I'm in an army.... Dumbledore's Army!

  • cho chang - 5 years ago


  • Evanna - 5 years ago

    Bitch please, I'm in an army

  • Ddraig - 5 years ago

    Team Tyler's Van

  • Killa_Luigi - 5 years ago

    Team my cock!!!!

  • mia - 5 years ago

    harry potter (in an English accent because that's what I am)

  • Katniss;3 - 5 years ago

    Kat, you are awesome. ;) Team Finnick Odair in his Underwear FTW!

  • bob-the-builder - 5 years ago

    Team Jedward (Jacob & Edward, Bella can fall off of that cliff).

  • Chloe - 5 years ago

    team harry potter

  • TheBannetButlerGrellSutcliff - 5 years ago

    Team alucard ;)

  • lol - 5 years ago

    lol what a fucktard

  • Kat - 5 years ago

    Team Finnick Odair in his underwear BITCHES ;D

  • Grace - 5 years ago

    Team Human!

  • Kaitlyn - 5 years ago

    Team Harry Potter instead of Twishit, you fucking moron

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