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Should 'Go to hell Barack' ad be removed?

Posted 6 years.


  • Hillbilly - 6 years ago

    Leave the sign up. Go to hell Obama!

  • ken - 6 years ago

    The question has two answers. If public property, owned by government agencies that can shift between parties regularly, Luke every 4 .years, are to become political ad sites, the result will be meaningless chaos. Ugly both beautifically and politically, it should avoided. Every racsist pug, and let's not kid ourselves, the voter comments this site lists are mainly from racsist, religiously bigoted or hateful, and basically 'people proud of their ignorance and isolation' types. Hatred, totally non-constructive, is the only message; chaos affects.
    On the other hand, there is plenty of opportunity for haters to use their hate magazines all they want. Our societal open spaces, though open to free speech, do not let people preach the overthrow of the governing system as the Constitution has established it. Is this 'free speech', or a orgy photo in words placed in public places?

  • Mara - 6 years ago

    Public discourse is a wonderful thing. Public incivility is not. The next time you want to complain about young people being uncouth, lacking in respect for their elders or their teachers, ask yourself what example have the grown-ups in these United States provided. We do not have to agree politically, but we should agree that as adults we can do better. We can raise the bar by asking for a more polite form of public expression. Rush Limbaugh does not meet that standard, nor does a sign on a metro bus that reads at a subpar education level; with all the richness of the English language and all the talent in this country why do we subject ourselves or our young people to such "bottom of the barrel " expression.

  • lyric - 6 years ago

    Jeffy -- yelling "fire" is also freedom of speech but if you do it in a public building, you'll be arrested for doing it.
    Not every word that dribbles out of someone's mouth deserves to be heard or in this case seen.

    Your rant against Nancy shows that the "racist" word obviously hit home with you because so far that is the thing that stands out the most when a rightwinger rants -- the immediate denial that they are racist always precedes their next words -- that the President is a "moron" or a Marxist, Socialist, Fascist blah blah blah -- all name calling, no facts, just the rants of stupid mindless racists who resort to the most childish level by resorting to name calling. BTW -- we all know that the words "Marxist, Fascist, Socialist" in the hands of people like you stand in for the one word you don't have the guts to utter -- the "N" word -- because if you shouted that one -- someone would knock your teeth down your throat.

  • Lois - 6 years ago

    The Presidency is no place for graffiti like prose........take the ad off it is offensive to all Americans no matter who is our president!

  • whoswhat - 6 years ago

    no leave this garbadge up so that decent people can see these people for who they are

  • Jeffy - 6 years ago


    You can't claim it for yourself, liberal morons, and then shut it off when someone turns it against you and your idiotic ideology.

    And Nancy, stop being the kind of brainless ninny who shouts, "RACIST!" at every damned thing. The president is a moron. He happens to be (half) black. THAT DOESN'T MEAN THAT EVERY TIME SOMEONE DISAGREES WITH HIM IT'S BECAUSE OF RACISM, you fool!

  • Nancy - 6 years ago

    racists. Period. Total disrespect, which the ad obviously portrays. There is no decency left in America. Is this really what we want to teach our children? You would think that the Office of the President deserves respect, even if you don't agree with or like the President.
    Lets have a show of hands, people. Really....

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