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Is too much money being spent to influence Wellington’s election?

Posted 6 years.


  • paul - 6 years ago

    thank the supreme court for destroying what is left of the political system

  • will allen - 6 years ago

    Alex domb aren't you president of the WELLINGTON CHAMBER POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE, INC. and the Chamber of Commerce of Wellington? Which is also sending out flyers using the same tactics you claim the opposition is using? What did you charge Bellissimo / Straub for you little dibble above? You should disclose who you are and who you work for before trying to write something attempting to be impartial! Domb aren't you on the VOW Chamber of Commerce board with Michael Stone? Who is President of Equestrian Sport/Wellington Equestrian Partners which makes him the hired help of Bellsiomo? Stone and his friend who also works at VOW CC share a house? Why is the CC of Wellington getting involved with this? I guess the it's backing Bellissimo and its not impartial? Domb don't you office at the same location as Straub? You are hypocritical mouth piece!

  • Alexnder Domb - 6 years ago

    Not only is too much money being spent on a municipal election for a town of 50,000, but the unprecedented attack on the incumbent Mayor through the use of mail, phone calls, newpaper advertising and television advertising is way over the top.

    It's really a shame that one billionaire with a ax to grind can spend as much as he wants trying to influence the outcome of our local election. There are a number of very important issues facing the Village of Wellington. The Equestrian Village development plan is only one issue.

    Due to this unprecedented interference in our process by a non-resident, there has been no discussion about transportation for seniors, safe neighborhoods, and other important issues relating to taxing, spending and municipal services. No one is talking about the improvements to Forest Hill and South Shore Boulevards, the new Town Center, including the new Village Hall, Scott's Place and the Amphitheater all built without a dime of new taxes.

    We are also not focused on the "Patriot's Memorial", and the fact that it was supposed to cost $80,000, most of which was supposed to come from private donations, according to Matt Willhite. Nobody is asking Willhite why his project blew up to a cost of over $400,000 and why it costs the taxpayers $1,000 per month for gas for the enternal flame.

    Solar Sportsystems hasn't spent a dime addressing any of these issues, because whoever is behind Solar Sportsystems couldn't really care less about Wellington, just the owner's own personal interests.

    Its really a shame!

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