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Have You Ever Shit In Public But Not In A Toilet?

Posted 7 years.


  • Miss Krysable - 7 years ago

    Here's my "shittin in the woods story" Classick:

    I haven't pooped anywhere but the toilet because I don't think juicy poonts count...although when I was in girl scouts at 8 or 9 we went camping but we was fancy we slept in our sleeping bags in A-frames not no ground, we did have port-o-potties and shower heads and what not. Despite having all of theses luxuries me and 2 lil horse loving heffas went on a hike to find the sphinster no the sphink that thing that doesnt exist but adults love having kids run around like chickens with their heads cut off for no cot damn reason. Anyway I digress, me and these 2 heffas went looking for this sphink in the woods we all were like "we gotta go to the bathroom" so we stopped at this big stone, I peed and these kraft cheesiest heffas pop a squat and do a whooolllle poop! And when the brunette finished she had the audacity to step in it! You know I got all bougietto on them and the whole squad had a good laugh at them. They were not allowed to cook that night...

  • ProfessLCH - 7 years ago

    This episode's intro? Is EXACTLY why I buy "clean" versions of rap. I almost always listen via Stitcher and at night, prior to going to bed. When I listened the first time and couldn't quite discern the lyrics, I thought "Wow; how positively greasy, how utterly sinister; I love the beat & the lyricist's low, quasi-raspy delivery.

    Then, paying attention to what he's saying on, like, my third listen to the show?


    Oh, well.

    But, wait: Justin looks so -- dare I say it? -- nice, sweet, even! He has great smile, too. How is that possible??! Sigh. There is no God, apparently.

    And Will: his spoken word "take" is done well; it's pretty trill. Was he fresh from the office (or a parole hearing)? He looks far too grown for this ISH. But, the truth of the matter is? So do I!

    Accordingly? Respect. Or disrespect. I don't know; I'm so confused by these two.....

  • Classick - 7 years ago

    Everyone has a "shittin in the woods" story....


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