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Should schools ban ‘pink slime’ from lunches?

Posted 6 years.


  • Palmmermaid - 6 years ago

    Absolutely it should be banned! I wouldn't feed it to a stray dog. Patties made from chick peas have just as much protein and would taste better and not have any of the crap in them. I agree with the film "Food, Inc.". And when a potato farmer won't eat the potatoes he grows for MacDonalds, do you think I will either? We in this country must be aware of where our food comes from and what is in it. Eat local, eat in season, and COOK! A nutritious meal made from scratch can be prepared cheaply and in 30 minutes at home. A pasta served with a sauce of canned tuna, tomatoes, and a few other things is very nutritious and easy. You only need to cook the pasta!

  • HJC - 6 years ago

    Watch the documentary film "Food, Inc." and you will never view our food in the same way again.

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