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Did favoritism allow Dick Cheney to get a heart transplant?

Posted 6 years.

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  • C M Drakeford - 6 years ago

    Yes, I believe that he did. Eight years ago my wife of 22 years died while awaiting a heart. She was only 47. I was told originally, all the criteria that was in involved he determinng who would get the heart first. Yes there had to be a match. But, age was one criteria that I was told was a factor. They wanted to give the heart the person who was most seriously ill, but also to the person he had the best chance of survial. She was moved up on the list because of her age after I was original told that she could not be on the list because she also needed a liver. We have excellent insurance so that was not an issue. Honestly, it hard for me to read anything about Chaney's miracle recovery with thinking about someone else who may have died because of preferential treatment given to Chaney. Chaney has been on this earth 71 years yet someone who will never get a chance to see their child graduate from high school will probably die.

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