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Which Jersey do you like the best?

Posted 5 years.


  • Austin - 5 years ago

    Hey everyone. To answer the questions: every jersey brand will have a slightly different fit. If you already have a Primal Wear Jersey then you should have a good idea what fit you are looking for. As far as the pricing goes. We are ordering via Primal because they now have a special deal on jerseys with IMBA. Full custom jersey is $60 and the club gets $10 and IMBA $1. The last jersey order we did not make any money at all off of those. We simply charged everyone what the jersey cost the club and nothing more. This way the club makes money as does IMBA and we get a reasonable cost on a Primal jersey.

    Hope that helps!

  • Don Brown - 5 years ago

    My only concern is the fit. I still have my XL black and blue one and it is too big. Have not found someone who wants to buy it from me so I can get the next size down. Will the Primal Wear be a different fit that the first jersey? I have another Primal Wear brand jersey and they do seem to size up correctly. Maybe they can send us some sample sizes to try on before spending the money for one that doesn't fit. Just an idea.

  • David - 5 years ago

    The full custom represents the club better. Why are they 60.00 now the blue and black were only 50.00.

  • Bryan Weinkle - 5 years ago

    I wanted red and black the first time around, though I do like the blue we have. I think it would be nice to have it in another color. The other jersey just looks to generic to me.

  • Greg Brinson - 5 years ago

    The full custom is better advertising for the club.The club name and logo stand out better.

  • Marshall Brown - 5 years ago

    The Full custom looks really good; and I need a new jersey. Will diffently get one.

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