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Can an illegal immigrant be admitted to the Florida Bar?

Posted 6 years.


  • Chris - 5 years ago

    So a person who breaks the law and continues to do so by being in the country legally should be able to be a legal representative of the courts? What is the US coming to. We can't trust someone who's continually breaking the law to be a representative of the law. How nonsense. This illegal alien needs to be wrapped up and shipped back home.

  • Kathie Werremeyer - 6 years ago

    I have had the pleasure of personally knowing Jose for the past several years. Jose Godinez-Samperio is a shining example of what one can achieve through hard work and determination. Imagine the journey Jose has traveled to get where he is at today. We are extremely proud of you Jose and our entire family hopes you and your family will be celebrating a victory very soon!

  • D - 6 years ago

    This person is so smart but can not figure out how to be legal?? Who is this person going to go to work for??? He will work for a firm that will pay him $20.00 per hour and work him 100 hours per week because he is illegal. The firm will bill out his time at $400.00 per hour, that is if he is treated like other illegals. Imagine if this person would show the rest of the illegals how to become legal. He knows the laws get it done. Then go help the millions of other illegals to become legal and educated. I personally am tired of american workers having to compete with the illegals for jobs. I tired of treating the good illegal people the way some americans treat illegals. The rich and others trying stay alive in business are possibly cheating the system in America by hiring these people. They love illegals as they work dirt cheap never to file a work comp claim or file unemployment. This makes it easy for the rich to become more rich and the cheaters to survive another day. I have watched the wallstreet companies take advantage of illegals by layering their work out to subcontractors knowing these subcontractors are using illegals. At the same time my legal employees are being laid off. The citizens that are following the law are getting pushed aside. When are we going to stand up and ask the people in government to enforce the laws or get the law changed. We have never needed a leader more than we need one now on this issue. As soon as they become legal there wages will go up and there work week will go to less than 50 hours per week. These are human beings here we are talking about. Quit the politics and let's be Americans. MR Jose understand you are illegal. No different than a child that has had bad parents or bad neighborhood and grows up to be a criminal. Become legal and put this behind you. If America will not make you legal then go work in your native country. I am sure they would take you back. And Have a nice day!!

  • Stop lying - 6 years ago

    He DID NOT "follow all the rules". He's an ADULT and has had 7 years to return to his country and begin the process to become a legal resident. He's a cheater and he knows it. He wants special treatment just because he's DEFIED our laws for decades. Now he wants to be an officer of the court? Does he think Americans are crazy, stupid or both?

  • Jana Casler - 6 years ago

    No He should become a US citizen first then he can be admitted... Sorry for him but he is not entitled to the rights that natural citizens are... HEs already enjoyed some that he shouldnt have been allowed...

  • ron - 6 years ago

    deport him,he managed to stay here this long because he kept his secret quiet,shame on him

  • Joe Buck - 6 years ago

    How was he able to attend college here in the first place if he was illegal? We have allowed illegals to do everything here for so long everyone thinks its ok when in reality he should have been deported years ago.

  • Ronnie - 6 years ago

    NO he should not be allowed to practice. Just because his parents brought him here does not make him legal, him and his parents should be thrown out. If you are illegal here you do not belong here, GET OUT

  • rked - 6 years ago

    the world & this country has truely turned inside-out And upside-down when this issue is even being debated....this country has been 'obaminated'....I do Not care this this kid is a 'good person'...the Taxpayers of this country can NOT afford to support Every 'good person' that wants to Invade our borders...!!!---there may be 'nice' bank robbers & 'good' drug dealers...Who Cares....what they did Broke Our Laws....DEPORT this kid AND his Lawbreaking parents........Yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charro Russ - 6 years ago

    This is another example of the double standard that exist in America. I have never heard of a Black, White or other race of people give an opportunity to be granted a privilege of the highest type to someone who has committed an illegal act. Are we next going to allow a person who has committed an illegal act to become a Judge or POTUS? I hope not. This individual should be deported. If I as a Black American has to abide by our laws, so does this illegal alien.

  • cadre - 6 years ago

    He was brought too this country as a young child, he should not be punished for living responsibly, working, studying and hoping for a future place in the USA.

  • Charles malbaurn - 6 years ago

    Yes. He earned it all fair and square and should not be penalized because his parents brought him here to Persue the American dream ,after all is said and done this is what this country is about,equal opportunity for all.

  • Truth - 6 years ago

    Deport the felon!

  • Rochelle Stryker - 6 years ago

    How ironic....trying to make someone doing something illegal be a part of our legal system. How can he claim he has done nothing wrong? An illegal act is an illegal act no matter who commits it!! If he put forth the effort to abide by the laws of this Country and became a LEGAL citizen then there would be no questions to even ask. I would not trust this man to uphold the law in any Court simply because he is a lawbreaker himself.

  • P - 6 years ago

    He did not play by the rules he is illegal therefore no way!

  • Mike Rios - 6 years ago

    This is a legal question for the courts. You should not punish him. He played by all the rules. Personally he did the rights things. Let the experts decide what is the law.

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