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Should Obama campaign pay for FAU trip?

Posted 6 years.


  • Robert - 6 years ago

    Obama is the king of racism, class warfare, if you think I don't know what I'm saying look it up in his 2 books. He states that he hates whites and shuns his mother ( who is white ) he also stated in his book that he is Muslim and will side with Muslims and has been using tax
    money to fly around the country to call support for his
    campaign. We are in poor times yet he sends his family and himself on several trips to the UK Asia and Africa on the tax payers dollar. Should his campaign pay for his trip? For real you have to ask...

  • Issy - 6 years ago

    Racism is most profoundly manifested in the inability to be consistent in word and deed .

  • AF1 - 6 years ago

    I am a retired Presidential Flight Crew Member, and if the general public new the true cost of these trips, especially the congressional trips and there true purpose like flying to the South Pacific to go wine shopping. We should cut cost where cost could be useful. Put Obama on a Delta Flight in Coach and reduce this budget. Where are the true leaders at?????????

  • J R Wilson - 6 years ago

    Interesting I never heard this question asked about a presidential trip before Obama took office. Never heard Republicans complain before either. There are a lot of haters of our President out there. Guess they're doing their sworn duty to Mitch McConnell. Good Christians - and racists - all.

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