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Was NRA chief right to blame media in Trayvon Martin case?

Posted 6 years.


  • tim mullins - 6 years ago

    "why are they not held accountable for there actions." they are not being held accountable for THEIR actions because they have the greatest "card" in the western world in their possession: the "race card".... they cannot be racist themselves,, and as long as they accuse a WHITE person of racism,,, anyone that disagrees with them is automatically a racist themselves. some of these commenters talk about zimmerman "stalking" martin as if it is a proven fact. although they were not there themselves,,, that doesn't matter,,,they think of the most racially biased thing they can think of,, and post it as fact,, and anyone that disagrees with them is,,, you guessed it,, 'RACIST"... 'it's just like how poor O.J was mercilessly stalked by ron and nicole,,, and called racist names,, until he just couldn't take it any more, and called them a name back,, this angered the two white klansmen, ron and nicole,, yes,,, it is believed that ron and nicole were members of the kkk,, or at least,,, it was mentioned by "some black person".. so it MUST be true... then ron attacked poor O;J with a knife,,, O.J ducked,, and ron slipped,,and ended up stabbing himself,, nicole then tried to help ron,, and ended up slipping in ron's blood,,,and fell on the knife herself...and the racist white people of america actually BELIEVED that a black man committed an act of violence against two white people!!thank goodness that the majority black jury was wise enough to see that all of this was a conspiracy to send another innocent black man to prison.. the black and white races must be separated immediately,, so a travesty such as this has no chance of happening again...we need to make it a part of the constitution: if a black person is accused of committing a crime against a white person,,he must automatically be considered not guilty,,and if a white,, or "white-hispanic" person is accused of a crime against a black person,, he must automatically be considered guilty,,, this will go a long way toward righting all the wrongs done to all those innocent black men who have been accused of violence against white people,,,, which we all "KNOW" never happens!! don't believe me?? just ask almost every black person in america!!

  • bobby k - 6 years ago

    Yes. The media panders to the hate America first crowd. Obama wipes his *** with the entire constitution, so forget him respecting the second amendment. Smart people buy guns. Lots more guns.

  • Kimberly Jackson - 6 years ago

    There is no one to blame but the law that states to stand your ground and George Zimmerman's interpretations of it..We all have the right to protect ourselves in life or death situations. It is what any man,woman,or child would do when faced with danger or fear. There are people and places were you can and will be incarcerated for defending your safety,honor and life if the laws dont MATCH your actions. I dont know personally what George's TRUE intent was when he got out of his car to pursue Trayvon with a loaded gun... But the truth of the matter is,is that it could have been ANYONE in both of their shoes???? If there was no malice intended than why is a young man dead? Is Zimmerman the resident that was at his wits end with the crime in his community and was ready to defend his neighbors by"any means necessary?" And if so,WHY put him in a position of authority with a bogus law that he is now using as an excuse for what he claims to be sorry for??? Wasnt he aware that he had black neighbors in his community?? He patroled and was looking out for the safety of EVERYONE,correct??? That law was written by man and can be erased or modified by the same.... We all have the right to stand our ground, just like George claimed he was doing and Trayvon did.. But how can you cry self defense when you DID WHAT WAS RIGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE? He called the cops,yet he still decided to take matters into his own hands even after being told to remain in his vehicle!!!! Wasnt Trayvon standing his ground by trying to defend himself from George?? He was being followed.... Did Zimmerman hit him first and Trayvon decide to stand his ground and follow to get his hit back? He had the gun on him.. He wasnt the one approached,he was"WISHING SOMEBODY WOULD"and he got what he was looking for,but now he's sorry.. Just like he had the right to stand his ground,Trayvon had the right to put his hood on,go to the store,and return home to his family... If he was up to no good,there sure wasnt any evidence at the scene... My bad!!! He had a hood on,so that AUTOMATICALLY meant bad news???? And dont forget the candy and drink???? Those two items are infamous in break-ins,stick-ups,and robberys???? George wanted to know just like Trayvon wanted to know?? "Why are you following me"as he asked Zimmerman while minding his business talking on his cell phone. Is it a racial issue? Are his parents wrong for wanting justice?? Are Zimmerman's supporters wrong for thinking what he did was ok(along with the supporters that believe he did a service by killing a n####r JUST BECAUSE?) The media isnt to blame.... The stand your ground law is to blame... George was ready to be a hero for his gated neighbors,but he wasnt prepared for the flood gates to open with the call for justice from the other side (AND some of the residents)It wasnt a mistake but he's sorry now... He fears for his safety today and he should...Lets see how concerned he is and how fast he will stand his ground when a GROWN MAN looks suspicious and up to no good walking past those closed quarters of a prison cell were HE BELONGS!!! Let him explain who he is and WHY he is there

  • bowen - 6 years ago

    I don't believe race is the only issue in this case,media ratings,half-truths and has anyone brought up the fact of this being an election year?Only after so much publicity is Zimmerman arrested and charged,politicians are already lamely trying to use the case to their advantage.

  • Robert Kersey - 6 years ago

    The news made him out to be white (wrong Hispanic ) they then cut out key points in the tape to make it sound like a hate crime, after that the black panthers put a price on his head I ask you is that not against the law ? Why are they not being charged with a crime. Then you have 2 black members of congress playing judge & jury, then you have jessy and al calling for riots and civil unrest, why are they not held accountable for there actions.

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