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Do you agree with these different ways of parenting?

Posted 7 years.


  • Donna Stapleton - 6 years ago

    I do not agree with this type of punishment. Now days kids have a very hard time with self esteem. If you be little the child in front of their friends like that it could open the door to bullies. The punishment should be done in the home. I am not against punishment even giving them a loving whack on the behind. I am against making them feel belittled. We are suppose to raise them to be confident younge men and women. My opinion does not mean I am right and the dad is wrong it only means that what works for one family may not work for another. So dad if it worked for you congrats but for me I would not do it.

  • Dr. I. C. Clearly - 6 years ago

    See? There ya' go, f*ckstick! Your little tactic didn't work. Check out the results!

    People are in favor of this type of discipline (that's right, DISCIPLINE) even though you purposefully created an obviously biased and loaded question. I'm guessing that calling it a "viral form of punishment" in your little survey was your way of turning people the other way by making it sound so extreme. It's not extreme. Beating your kid's ass with a stick until they're black and blue, for stealing, is extreme.

    You're obviously biased in your opinion of this matter and it comes through quite clear in your statemen.... ehem... survey. Do something else with your time. you suck at creating surveys.

  • Mssi - 6 years ago

    Yes! I have worked in the school systems for over 25 years and what has happened with childrens behavior is horrible. The type of "overly sweet discipline "parents have tried over the years has not worked. Now children are telling the parents what to do, where to go and how to get there. And this are children in the first 6 years of school. So any approach parents are willing to do to make a point more power to them.

  • Lea - 6 years ago

    My mom used to say "What a little girl or boy doesn't learn, then adult girl or boy won't." I feel the dad is in his right. The officials need to spend less time inteferring with parents who try to teach thier children right from wrong. Children need structure. It's against the law to spank them, now it seems you can't teach them life lessons either. I feel if I disclipline my child and they take me to court I will tell the judge "Keep him/her, because if I can't teach them right from wrong NOW, you will end up with them standing before you later."
    Good job Dad. It's nice to know some parents still give a damned about thier childrens future.

  • joseph - 7 years ago

    As a patent of 4 and step parent of 4 more, sometime you have to get their attention. As a former teacher I know kids have no sense of right and wrong. Parent shelter and protect the from the world. Society and schools have made it where no one fails, they worry about not making a child.feel bad. God forbid a child be embarrassed and called to account for bad behavior. Even the daughter in this story gets it. While she.may again do something wrong, she will think about the consequences BEFOREHAND.
    WAY TO.GO DAD! Other parents would be use you as a.role model in some cases!

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