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Should John Goodman judge get off the case?

Posted 6 years.


  • Shirley Meyer - 6 years ago

    Goodman case should be a mis-trial, the judge should be removed. Also the proscuting attorney Ellen Roberts, with her facial expressions, body language, laughing, smercks through out the trial, should be a MIS_TRIAL, the jurors saw that just like we did at home, and why did the judge not do anything about that. The judge took action in the Casey Anthony trial when the proscutor laughed. The fact that Mr. Goodman has money has been held against him. Where is you are innocent until proven guilty. The mis conduct of jurors is unexceptable.

  • Bella - 6 years ago

    I'm going to have to disagree with you Claudia, I think this trial was absurdly biased and the judge was anything but impartial. He should have moved the trial out of palm beach. He completely let the media and public opinion run his court - one of the jurors even had to pass a note to a bailiff asking the judge to tell the prosecution to "stop making faces at them" ... And yet Colbath repeatedly praised both sides for their 'professionalism'. Such a joke. He's an embarassment and should step down and not draw this out any longer.

  • Claudia - 6 years ago

    I think the judge has been trying to remain impartial (which he should). I don't see any way that a new judge or new trial would do anything to change the outcome, since the evidence against Goodman is overwhelming. No doubt Goodman's attorney's are being paid extremely well and so have an obligation to try to get blood out of a stone, or at least give the appearance of having tried.

  • Jack - 6 years ago

    I think some of you are on the wrong blog here - this is about did Colbath screw up (yes) and should he step down (yes). I doubt you even read the motion here. Idiots.

  • ALAN BIXBY - 6 years ago

    John Goodman made two horrible mistakes. First, he got into his Bentley blind drunk. mistake number two, when he plowed his car into Scott Wilson's car, he fled the scene. You can't turn black into white, i don't care how much money you have. Bottom line, he's going to do the time. Blame the media, blame the jury, even blame the judge. John Goodman has only himself to blame for the mess he is in.

  • Ben - 6 years ago

    Marilyn hit the nail on the head. DO THE TIME!!!

  • Adsum - 6 years ago

    too much media bias, too much antagonism toward wealth, too much "rich man, poorman" commentary.
    Have a change of Judge and venue.

  • James J. - 6 years ago

    Fooled? Gwynne - put the verdict aside and look at court proceedings (how they are clearly outlined etc) the judge violated his duty in this case. Even the prosecution seems to concede to that. I think if anyone is "fooled" it's the other way around friend

  • Gwynne Chesher - 6 years ago

    If you can afford the best lawyers, you can get away with murder. This is just another legal stunt that has apparently fooled a few of you.

  • Barbara - 6 years ago

    If you or I didn't do our job, we'd be fired or at least removed from the project we were working on. If Colbath can't admit he made an error even after it has been documented on several instances he needs to step aside. Bottom line - he's a judge, he needs to follow the letter of the law and not ride the wave of media approval.

  • Maggie F. - 6 years ago

    so basically what some of you guys are saying is "we think he's obviously guilty so it's ok for this judge to not adhere to court procedure and the letter of the law.." ?!? Let's be objective here people - not commenting on the facts/outcome of this case in any way just that every trial should be held to the same standards. Juror misconduct and the judge not disclosing reports of that is a huge miscarriage of any case. If it were me or my friend or family member on trial, I would at least want a fair trial. Judge Colbath - your conduct here was anything but "honorable".

  • Justin Dennis - 6 years ago

    Our justice system only works if people follow the rules - this judge didn't (it's been documented time and time again). I closely followed the trial and only saw grounds for a conviction of vehicular manslaughter. Not moving the trial out of palm beach, not sequestering the jury - this was a mistrial waiting to happen. Anyone with a any legal background will tell you that. This judge clearly has an agenda and wants to be a public hero and elevate his status using this conviction as a springboard. Shame you all seem to have fed into this.

  • Frank - 6 years ago

    First he blamed the car, then the media, then the jurors, now the judge....Instead of assuming the blame for his actions, his slime ball lawyers continue to file motions. I hope the judge gives him the maximum 30 years.

  • Frank - 6 years ago

    First he blamed the car, then the media, then the jurors, now the judge....Instead of assuming the blame for his actions, his slime ball lawyers continue to file motions. I hope the judge gives him the maximum 30 years.

  • Marilyn - 6 years ago

    Spoiled rich kid, didn't get his way. Judge Colbath has served Palm Beach Co for many years. He has sat as judge on thousands of trials, should we go back and rethink every one? Ask jurors that served, to miss more work to defend their decisions?
    Some people feel they should not face the consequences of their actions. Like John Goodman. Pay for your crime with your time, just like any of us other mere mortals would have to.

  • Eddie Veee - 6 years ago

    Next thing they'll be calling for a mistrial because the deodorant cakes in the men's urinals were the wrong color! This is getting ludicrous!

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