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Is Obama playing politics with bin Laden’s death?

Posted 6 years.


  • dave - 5 years ago

    Playing politics with a kill of an Ant--American combatant and terrorist?
    Of course this non military veteran is taking credit for the kill.
    However, they all have done that...not just Obama
    Any time that you have a general in charge—they will always take the credit
    Think back to the movie "Patton", Ole blood and guts.
    The infantry 'grunt' replied. "Yeah, our blood, his guts."

  • Hugh Mann - 6 years ago

    Of course he is playing politics, as well he should. The President is the Commander-in-CHIEF, and makes the fateful decision, after careful deliberation. His reputation is on the line. The Republicans have been accusing the Democrats of being "soft on Communism" and "weak on terrorism" and generally not to be trusted with the nation's security since forever. And now they complain that President Obama is reminding the world who made the decision to go after bin Laden. And this, after President Bush played Harrison Ford on the aircraft carrier!

  • clearstory - 6 years ago

    The Republicans exploited 9/11 despite their many FAILURES in preventing it and allowing Osama Bin laden to remain free for 10 years. President Obama exploited it for getting the job done . OBL had a plan to kill Obama , keeping incompetent Bush alive was the best thing for OBL .

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