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I would prefer to raise kids in . . .

Posted 6 years.


  • Deirdre Tolhurst - 6 years ago

    I say 1963 because it was fun for me. I remember the Beatles coming to NY when I was only 7 years old. My father took my sister and I past the Americana Hotel where there were kids everywhere! I was too young to know anything about racial violence. I loved my friends and they loved me. We played until dark, and came home when the street lights came on. We ate good food, and had imaginations. We loved life, and were disciplined if we got out of line. We respected our teachers and said ' nation UNDER GOD...' and recited the Pledge of Alliegance to the Flag every morning. We loved the United States. Even though there was a cold war going on and every town had fallout shelters, we trusted in God, our parents, and the schools to take care of us. Oh, those were the days!

  • Sandy Nachlinger - 6 years ago

    What a thought-provoking survey! I chose 1983. My son was 9 years old at the time, my husband and I were happy and healthy, and our life was good. I wouldn't go back and change that!

  • Rosemary Adkins - 6 years ago

    Analyzing the years of choice-
    1963-too much racial violence
    1973-VietNam prejudice
    1983-Climate was better amongst races and finally for a while there seemed to be a more restful union
    1993-Good year without much uproar
    2003-Unrest again-too much computer iinfluence with kids
    2013-No way-too many people unnerved by Presidential issues-economy
    So answer would be for me: either 1983 or 1993
    Fun survey! Makes you think.

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