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Do Florida legislators need to tell courts not to use Sharia law?

Posted 6 years.


  • barbara burr - 6 years ago

    sharia law ? what a crock . we don't have to fear that what we do have to fear is the lunatic tea party bunch and what they are trying to do to women's rights and to all rights. they are the one's chipping away at our freedoms. and lie about things in the bible to frighten you into what they want . do you know folks that moses was a child molester who had over 32,000 little girls raped and their mothers and brothers hacked to death ? based on number of girls would have been maybe 30,000 boys and thousands of women pregnant and all and he said god told him to have this done. oh yes true what he had done but he lied about god telling him to do this horrible act and when you know that king herod may have had only 20 boys killed kind of puts it into perspective doesn't it . don't believe me then go to numbers chapter 31 and read for yourselves.

  • florida1 - 6 years ago

    We have freedom of religion in this country,not freedom of religious laws.Our constitution is the cornerstone of America's by-laws.Why would any group come to U.S.A. and think they could dictate to our courts any foreign laws . Conform or GTFO!

  • david bacallao - 6 years ago

    this is America NOT asia or the middle east !!!

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