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Who do you side with?

Posted 6 years.

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  • Margot Jones - 6 years ago

    1. Abstinence until marriage. 2. The Catholic birth control method, according to women’s minstrel cycles. 3. The non-practice of homosexuality – are beliefs of Catholicism interpreted from the bible. The nuns accepted those beliefs when they tock their oaths, and the Vatican is the ruling body for the Catholic religion. They should be brave enough to stand-up for their beliefs regardless of public opinion. There is a huge push toward abortions as the solution for unwanted pregnancies. There is little in the way of promoting abstinence. The church should focus on the traumatic psychological effects abortions have on woman. Many women who've had late term abortions are completely unaware of the manner in which they are performed, and would have chosen other options. In our schools children are taught that an abortion without parental consent is ok. Focus on that travesty of spiritual upbringing. Speak out against pornography on the Internet and in the sex education kids are getting in our schools. Changing the written Word of the Bible in order to gain more parishioners is appalling.
    I am not a catholic,but I think people need to stand-up for what they believe in.
    Bravo! However, for your work with the poor. Please – more of that would benefit the Nation.

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