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Posted 5 years.


  • ERFANINGSIH - 11 months ago

    oppa KAI dan D.O

  • nisha - 4 years ago

    ahh exo..muaa lulu..

  • kathleen - 5 years ago

    are u sure he is only a singer??he has more talent than kai ..nae my baby lulu ..has a voice..but ur kai is not..maybe he has talent and i know he is the best dancer but luhan is a sportive person..he can complete the rubix cube..

  • erica - 5 years ago

    oh i see
    kai is only a dancer but not just one dance talent he has like ballet jazzz hip hop rnb and many more..luhan is only a singer..

  • kathleen - 5 years ago

    yes singer and dancer ..but ur kai is only dancing not a singer...luhan has a charms too.he has a baby face..

  • erica - 5 years ago

    oh!but i think kai is full of charms,talented,best wrapper ,best dancer and luhan is what??
    only a singer and dancer??
    oh..forget about that ..

  • kathleen - 5 years ago's just not a talent only..kai is a very talented but luhan is a kind person not just a kind ..but he has many more talent than kai.

  • erica - 5 years ago

    really,i dont think is luhan ..coz kai is more talented than luhan..

  • kathleen - 5 years ago

    hey,,luhan is winner...but i vote for baekhyun....
    becoz,,baekhyun is my bias..

  • exosmtown - 5 years ago

    wa... baekhyun is a winner at our first anniversary June 20, 2012. with 13 hit hahaha :)

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