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Is Obama right to withhold ‘Fast and Furious’ documents?

Posted 6 years.


  • Nancy - 6 years ago

    Obama is the worst president America has voted into office. His inexperience oozes each time he tries to make a decision he's not capable of because of inexperience. The papers would prove his inexperience. What else is he hiding????

  • Anthony J. Orrico - 6 years ago

    Sunday's editorial cartoon shows a picky Republican elephant nitpicking just because one border agent and a few hundred Mexicans died due to the Fast and Furious program, when many multiples of this number have died from drug dealers' gun smuggling.

    However, the point missed is that the Fast and Furious deaths are not due to the crimes of drug smugglers. They are due to the actions of our legally-appointed top law enforcement officer.

    The Congress and the public have a right to know the details of this important issue. What happened to Obama's 2008 promise of a transparent government?

  • Dan - 6 years ago

    Obama isn't worried, he has the gay vote, the immigrant vote, the black vote and the white liberal vote, regardless of the fast and furious scandal!

  • Jeffy - 6 years ago

    This was promised to be the most "transparent administration" ever. It has turned out to be wholly opaque.

    They started out claiming that 0bama didn't know anything about F&F. Now they're shielding him and his high-level people. Why? They insisted that this was all done by low-level operatives. What are they hiding when for a year and a half they insisted that they had nothing to hide?!

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