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Should George Zimmerman’s wife have been charged with perjury?

Posted 6 years.


  • Sophie - 5 years ago

    Why do people send money to Zimmerman? His wife can work 2 jobs. So sick of people (those that can work) asking for a handout. Hoping he is found guilty. BTW, I am an old white educated democrat woman and yes I own a handgun.

  • WD - 5 years ago

    Set him free and let him have to run for his life. This was murder.... Im white by the way

  • Mystified by stupidity - 6 years ago

    Reading some of these comments, I find it hard to believe that the facts could known in this case by some of these people as the ignorance level seems so high. Wow!! Anyway, those of you folks that believe Zimmerman had no right to follow that boy are dead wrong. He had just as much right (moreso than Martin as Mr Zimmerman was a resident of the area while Martin was just an "innocent pedestrian" walking through") to be there and walk where he pleases. The dispatcher from the police department has no authority to tell anybody to do anything. They are not police officers. They are civilian employees. Zimmerman, by following Martin, does nothing wrong. If Martin was "so scared", makes you wonder what he was doing to make him so scared. Bottom line here folks, Martin attacked the wrong man that night. Good for Zimmerman for protecting himself. Hopefully, some thug walking the streets will think twice before jumping on someone. Might bite off more than they can chew..!!

  • Ruth - 6 years ago

    This is address to the editors of The Palm Beach Post. Don't you think it is deceptive coverage in this case against Mr. Zimmerman to place a photograph of Mr. Martin that is too old to be relevant? In the future, please place a recent photograph of Mr. Martin showing the 6'2", 174 pound muscular and heavily tattooed 17 year old Mr. Martin Since the Martin family continues to be deceptive with the information placed before the public, the family is in the same classification as Mr. Zimmerman. The Palm Beach Post needs to make it a level playing field, and not twist the truth. The truth is that Mr. Martin did not look at all, at the time of his death, like he did when he was 12 years old. If you want to continue the deception, why not place a photograph of Mr. Martin in your paper next to Mr. Zimmerman when Mr. Martin was 2 years old?

  • Whispah - 6 years ago

    Who on earth would give this man a donation??? Cant believe people are that weak minded that believe george was the victim here claiming self defense. FACT: George was told not to follow Trayvon, but he stalked him, causing Trayvon to call his family and said he was really scared because someone was following him. Feeling cornered, TRAYVON was the one defending himself against this jerk, who SHOULD NOT HAVE TAKEN THE LAW INTO HIS HANDS AND FOLLOW TRAYVON!!!! George is guilty of negligence causing Trayvons death. it did NOT have to happen, but since George decided to play superhero he needs to be punished for the outcome of his negligent actions. Hope the jury sees this as well.

  • Tanay - 6 years ago

    If Zimmerman lied about funds his website had accumulated, what else is lieing about? After he shot this kid, he was probably pacing back and forth thinking what could he say to make this BIG, so George would not get into to much trouble, espically if he said oh he tried to kill me, I was frightened for my life! George had no right to follow this kid! PERIOD! What if this child that had died was yours, and was hiding from a suspicious guy following him! Then when confronted, by this odd ball following him, protects himself? I bet George was trying to hold Trayvon there till police showed up, Trayvon not knowing what this guy was going to do, tried to get away from George, Geroge was thinking they always get away not this time! So he would not be faced with this public audience if he stayed in his truck, called he police and waited for the police, this would not be an issue would it! George decided to get out, follow Trayvon, a decesion he will have to live with! Taking a life for no justifiable cause. Just as an added note George was not carring a loaded gun, he loaded the gun while on the phone with 911 the first time! He knew he was going to follow that kid, and he made sure his gun was loaded! I hope he gets the justice he deserves served on a silver platter!

  • Nancy - 6 years ago

    Lets continue to prosecute this case through the media. Zimmerman is innocent till proven guilty. I guess this doesn't apply to Zimmerman. You stupid people out there saying he killed a baby. That baby was taller and stronger than Zimmerman . Martin was a thug and nothing more. Good riddance to trash.

  • redneckilah - 6 years ago

    zimmerman is guity as hell and the police are making it to ovious that zimmerman has power in the sanford police dept. i wish him death w ith his racist bitch by his side the police giving zimmerman a reinactment even after they told his punk ass to stand down. youz a bitch niggah i hope somehow they find you guilty motherfucker i hope some big black dude in the system fucks you in the asshole bitch before taking a shank and stickin it through your fucking redneck you racist you wanna turn pussy and tell lies trayvon punch you in the face and knocked you sniff some coke and decided to kill the first niggah in sight bitch...YOU KILED A BABY MOTHERFUCKER FUCK LIFE IN PRISON BITCH YOU NEED TO DIE ........BLACKPOWER

  • Santos Martinez Jr - 6 years ago

    i like tacos BUT $57,000 buys a lot of burrito love too. Viva Tacos Al Carbon!!!!

  • Santos Martinez Jr - 6 years ago

    i like tacos BUT $57,000 buys a lot of burrito love too. Viva Tacos Al Carbon!!!!

  • John - 6 years ago

    Stop the governments witch hunt of an innocent man.

  • Vance Dee - 6 years ago

    Did she lie under oath on a courtroom? Hell yes!

  • john lee - 6 years ago

    she's a liar and her husband is a bigger one. the same way he tried to hide his money and this is the the same way he's trying to cover up the murder of Trayvon Martin and don't forget he followed the boy.

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