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Should people on food stamps be able to buy junk food?

Posted 6 years.


  • Carlos - 6 years ago

    I know cases in which people sell those stamps for cash to buy cigarettes and beer. We all should do something about it, and I include the grocery store owner or employee, who should be the first shield of defense against these irresponsible people. I consider the food stamps should be a temporary relief, not a permanent solution for lazy people who do not want to work. In some cases, food stamps promote apathy, lack of ambitions, lazines, because people know that by the end of the month, they will have their food problem solved, because they do not care about nourishment, they care about eat, or smoke, or drink at no cost. I know about other cases related to this subject and if knew where to report them, I would be more than glad to do it.

    Carlos Alva

  • Nancy - 6 years ago

    People will be buy junk food regardless of whether the pay with food stamps or cash. We are a nation that loves junk food. Junk food is everywhere. It's fast and available quicker, easier and there are all kinds of junk food. We have fast food, chips, candy, soda and misc. It will always be a part of the American Diet. We must chose not to eat junk food. Today's pace of life as it passes by quickly makes it difficult to avoid junk food. We want things quick. We must slow are pace down, enjoy life and nature. Learn to eat the right foods and avoid the bad. Well that's an easy statement to make. It's harder to do the right thing when convenience is always there for the consumer.

  • n - 6 years ago

    That is a rather difficult question. To me, it comes under the 4th amendment to the constitution, freedom of privacy. Does an individual give up some of his 4th amendment rights when their life is totally sustained by public funds?
    i would say no, maybe helping a person regain his feeling of self worth would lead to that person becoming a contributing member of society.
    I live rather near public housing and on any given day they will be outside lazing and cooking hot dogs. If you did not know it was welfare housing you would think you were on the french riviera.
    There is an attitude that you have finally found the promised land here on earth. social life that any Hollywood celebrity would like, the feeling that you had made it, not a care in the world. Well enough of that, it is an election year, the administration wants everybody happy and content.

  • melody - 6 years ago

    I was in some weird shopping mall which is super high on security. There was even security cameras in the bathrooms.I had recently eaten a bunch of spicy food at once (on a dare knowing what it does to me)I was sitting down eaten a donut when I felt a sudden urge down below. First it was a small cramp and then it turned into something that was just screaming “IN COMING!”I shrugged it off as just feeling a little sick.About 10 minuets later I felt it again only this time much stronger, I knew I was about to blow.I stood up, clutched my arms to my stomach not caring that people were looking and began waddling to the bathroom.It began pretty easy, walking fast with my legs close together, but after a few minuets it had turned into the march of the penguins, guest starring the well known Peter Griffin grunts “eh, eh, eh!”I finally found the bathroom and ran into a stall. Noticing that 2 of the stalls in there were occupied. I didn’t care. I let lose before I could barely get my cheeks on the seat.A huge explosion noise occurred before the actual log rocket came to the surface.My ass was on fire from the spicy food that was now rushing out of me like a fiery river.I wasn’t done but I was almost certain I had just blown most of my ass away so I paused for a moment.I heard some noises coming from the other 2 stalls, possibly gagging noises. I heard a guy clear his throat and the other guy hit the side of the stall.I was ready for the next lava rocket.I let lose once again, only to be greeted by a liquid substance I could only describe as chunky brown lava. It was like a busted sprinkler!I once again heard gagging noises as one of the doors slammed open, the toilet flushed, the tap turns on for a split second and I heard someone running out of the room.I gotta give it to the other guy for being such a troop though.It was then as I leaned forward in burning pain that I saw that the guy in there with me was next to me. I sat there wondering if it was over, I’m sure he was hoping the same thing.Another few gagging noises came form his stall and the feeling was back.I sat there and suddenly my ass exploded.Another load of burning sh!t came shooting out of my ass.It smelled like death in there, like rotting bodies mixed with burning flesh (well in defense, my ass flesh was on fire) the guy in the stall started coughing, gagging. I heard him utter the words “oh dear God *gag*”I don’t know why he was there so long but I have a feeling it was my deadly ass explosion that kept him there un able to breathe.I was finally finished, when I looked up to Thank the heavens for the end of all that is good (sarcasm)I remember the security cameras.Boy, I don’t know if anyone was watching at the time this unholy event happened but if there was hey got quite a view of the projectile sh!t train flying out of my ass.After using an odd amount of toilet paper, including finishing with the tissues had in my pocket. I opened the door, took a look at the toilet and realized if I flushed it there would be a bigger mess, plus I don’t think the guy in the other stall disserved that after what he had just gone through, I looked at the stall he was in, he wasn’t gagging nor making any type of noise.I closed the door of my marked stall and washed my hands and left.I sat at a Chinese take a way store close by, had a drink of water and shortly after a man opened the bathroom door, he looked very flushed and sick to his stomach. A guy went up to him, probably a friend of his and it looked as if he was warning him not to go in there.Well….that’s what happens when I eat too much spicy food, I bet I emotionally and physically scarred those guys for life

  • Larry - 6 years ago

    Send this to Michele Obama and see what she says.

  • Craig - 6 years ago

    Not just junk food but I've seen many times people use the EBT card and then drive away in a brand new Lexus truck! The supermarkets can differentiate between food items! My flex spending acct thru my employer will only pay for prescribed meds not over the counter! They are able to see what is OTC and what is prescribed, the Govt can do it too they just don't want to lose precious votes come election time!!

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