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Should Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue keep three medics on all its ambulances?

Posted 6 years.


  • Screw PBCFR!!! - 6 years ago

    Your insane PBCFR!!! You just started transporting ALS Pts recently!!! You are superior at BLS Pts!!! Martin County's union is a JOKE!!!!

  • PBCFR - 6 years ago

    On shortness of breath, chest pain, unresponsive, and syncope calls Palm Beach County Fire Rescue only sends one unit. On cardiac arrest and MVAs they send 2 or more units. Even if that unit has two people or three people on it. I rather have a rescue truck responding with three people on it. The rescue can always call for another unit once on scene. So to the so called 20 year vet that works for....I'm guessing Martin County....Palm Beach County Fire Rescue is far superior to your little fire department and provides some of the best care in the state of florida.

  • Joe firefighter - 6 years ago

    Chris, what you and most people like you (general public) do not understand, a rescue unit and a fire truck and ems supervisor respond jointly to car accidents, trouble breathing , shootings, chest pain and so on. Fire trucks have three or four people on them.when needed one person from the fire truck get on board the rescue, which gives you two people in the back and one person driving the rescue to the hospital. The only call that a rescue unit respond to alone in most agencies are assault calls. Now on calls were you have multiple patients, you call for more units. The county union is using scare tactics on people like yourself. Like I said I spent over twenty years in the business, with two people on a rescue and we always pull a person from the fire truck to drive or assist with patient care in the back of the rescue. Please do not be fooled by the scare tactic. Joe firefighter.

  • Carp; - 6 years ago

    Can anyone posting perform the tasks the firefighters and EMTs perform on a daily basis? Anyone care to wear 25 lbs. fire retardant clothing and boots and carry a 40 lb. backpack and oxygen kit, especially when it's 100 degrees outside? Anyone care to climb a 40 ft. ladder while dressed this way and carrying this load? No, I didn't think so. It's so easy to sit in an air-conditioned room and hammer out mundane remarks about people you don't know and responsibilities most of us could never handle. Until you've walked in their shoes (or boots), no one has a clue except the usual complainers who swear everyone is overpaid (except them, of course).

  • batallion13 - 6 years ago

    Well gee! Based on some of you blogger's line of reasoning, why don't PBCFR simply staff each rescue truck with a doctor? Because apparently costs doesnt matter. EMS is not a perfect system and most rational people realize that. We have to provide the level of service that's fiscally reasonable. Please stop with the dying family member scare tactic and address the issue in a more rational and reasonable manner.

  • Chris - 6 years ago

    Of course they should have 3 on rescue, unlike what Joe (Mr 20 Yr Vet) says the majority of metro departments in South Florida ALL have 3 on rescue!!! If my family is in danger I don't want 2 medics to treat them instead of 3. Calling for another truck while its a life or death emergency isn't adequate since you're waiting for another 5-6 minutes response time. You can already be in route with 2 medics in the back of the truck treating my family member and not waiting for another truck to respond. I love how a 20 year guy in the fire service even would consider this not better for both the public and safety of a firefighters. You tell me what's better to have 1 or 2 paramedics in the back of the rescue with your family or even yourself?

  • Joe firefighter - 6 years ago

    I spent over twenty plus years in the fire servic, working at an agency were only two people manned rescue vehicles. Just as palm beach county fire rescue does we called for another unit when the need presented itself. Having three people on a rescue unit only speeds up the down time at the local hospitals. If you poll most agencies in palm beach county, you will find only a few agency run with three people on a rescue vehicle. To say that three man rescues are life safety hazard, is a scare tactic that appears to be working for the county union. Just survey agencies across the state and you see how few staff to that level.

  • Jason - 6 years ago

    Absolutely keep it a three person crew. Also to correct this article, it's a three person crew..NOT including a driver. One medic drives while two others tend to the patient in the back. Another example of how the Post misinforms the general public on hot topics with bad information.

  • Todd and JD are crooks!! - 6 years ago

    Damn right they should!!! Martin county should do this too but they are to scared!!! JD and all his puppets (yes you Todd tucker) are jokes!!! right!!!

  • Michael gellin - 6 years ago

    Two cars collide,two people in each, all needing aid. You do the math. Oh wait! Let's get an untrained passer-bye to help. Really?

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