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Will Paterno family’s ‘investigation’ have any credibility?

Posted 6 years.


  • Renae - 6 years ago

    It's truly shocking how the Paterno family did not mention the victims one time in their response to the report. Their selfish remarks are unfortunately indicative of the character of so many top executives from Penn State- starting with Paterno. And how can anyone have any kind of defense whatsoever regarding the fact that he nor the other top Penn State brass did not notify police after the 2001 shower incident or even try to reach out to Second Mile to find out who the raped child was, is truly criminal. No excuses.

  • JimC - 6 years ago

    It will have more credibility than that of Freeh who made sure his close friend the Gov. was not mentioned. The Gov. was one of the prosecutors who refused to indict Sandusky despite the confession the police had in Sandusky's own voice. That would have spared some of the vistims years of abuse- more than anything Paterno could have done as a football coach. Anyone who thinks the FBI is an agency this country should be proud of knows nothing about Hoover or the workings of the agency over the years. My cousin resigned from the FBI because he was tired of doing burglaries for the government. It was also a racist and homophobic agency until recent times even though Hoover and his "close friend" were cross dressers.

  • Nicole - 6 years ago

    Hasn't the Paterno family victimized these young men enough? This "investigation" is disgusting. It's this kind of horrible denial that enabled scum bag Paterno to protect monster Sandusky. These people make me sick.

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