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Which subreddit should the LBGT submit button point to?

Posted 6 years.


  • alanayvonne - 6 years ago

    Neither, please. I'm not subscribed to r/atheism for a reason.

  • ty - 6 years ago

    Neither. I'm an atheist, sub to r/atheism, but please keep it out of our other sub reddits.

  • j - 6 years ago

    ps, jij: I think what our communities prefer is probably as important as what your community prefers if not more so, isnt it?

  • j - 6 years ago

    Who says either subreddit wants content from /r/atheism in the first place?

  • guy - 6 years ago

    /r/ainbow doesn't want /r/atheism's crap, go away

  • name - 6 years ago

    Guys, r/LGBT is run by ShitRedditSays. Although r/ainbow is winning, it's worrying that so many people are voting for r/LGBT. If you'd like to know more, read this:

  • xrx66 - 6 years ago

    [x] r/atheism

  • Ruveios - 6 years ago

    Considering after the complete and utter explosion of the mods in /r/lgbt not terribly long ago, I don't see how this would even be a viable option. As a gay man I don't even subscribe to it any more. If I want to deal with prejudice within my own community I'd go there but for the moment there doesn't seem a point.

    /r/ainbow is a rapidly growing subreddit with a lot of support and is a great alternative to the clusterfuck that is /r/lgbt.

  • skeptix - 6 years ago

    No option for removal makes me sad. Came to vote but can't express my opinion that posts regarding the religious oppression of the LGBT are entirely relevant and very important to r/atheism.

  • jij - 6 years ago

    @Naugat, yes their policies are a bit draconian (not sure if warranted or not) which is why I switched to /r/ainbow for the time being, but I'd really like to use whatever *our* community prefers.

  • Nougat - 6 years ago

    From the /r/LGBT rules:

    Rule 4: Threads that seem to have been taken over by off-topic and/or excessively inflammatory discussion due to linking from other subreddits (Including but not limited to ShitRedditSays, SubredditDrama, and MensRights) will be deleted so they do not appear on r/lgbt's front page. They will still be accessible from outside links.

    Somehow I think that redirecting submissions to /r/LGBT might not be appreciated, unless you've talked to them about it already.

  • jij - 6 years ago

    The major differences are that /r/lgbt is bigger and has much stricter moderation, where /r/ainbow is smaller but is much more free speech oriented. Also see the open letter to /r/atheism from /r/lgbt (the link is in their top bar, it's a big green box).

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