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Which entry do you like the most?

Posted 5 years.


  • arvin - 5 years ago

    #4 is great but #5 is even better. there is no climax on number 4 entry. what did they do with the water? maybe water the plants. how ever for number 5, the story is very clear.

  • Lim - 5 years ago

    Very good jobs! Photo story of silent disaster.

  • Kimhong - 5 years ago

    For sure, entry 004 got the higher score. Actually i did vote for this entry, but the thing is that i don't know the contestant or even have the networking with him/her. I don't know what is the other person choice to vote for the photo story, maybe the he/she got more friends, he/ she has more network, or his/her photo story is touch the heart of the reader. To me, i like the way the contestant capture the real problem of the rural area people life. This is the problem that need to be solve and hope through the photo story, more or less the government, NGO or even the UNDP who work to achieve the sustainable development can have more focus on this problem.


  • Nita - 5 years ago

    "Sustainable development" how can it be called sustainable development if the rural citizen is still facing with health problem. Should focus more on the life of the rural people, and provide more water resource.

  • Ly Taiheang - 5 years ago

    Rice is the most important for our life and country.
    Rice is the Best food for Cambodian.

  • Nara - 5 years ago

    Dear coordinator,

    It is not really fair for voting. It depends on networking. Who has more network, that one will get more vote. Please, mention the clear objective of this voting.

    One more, there are many people vote, but it still remain the same rate. How does it rate?

    And what is the deadline of this voting?


  • Kim Chandajonita - 5 years ago

    Agriculture ............................................

  • Phearun - 5 years ago

    Rice is my life!

  • Lorn Vuthea - 5 years ago

    Rice is a great food from the god!

  • Ear Phearun - 5 years ago

    I think rice is very important in Cambodia, and we can't live without rice!

  • Lorn vichet - 5 years ago

    very good job.

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