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Will you buy iPhone 5? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes, upgrading from original iPhone or 3G
    46 votes

  • Yes, upgrading from iPhone 3GS
    69 votes

  • Yes, upgrading from iPhone 4
    224 votes

  • Yes, upgrading from iPhone 4S
    142 votes

  • Yes, upgrading from Android phone
    128 votes

  • Yes, upgrading from Windows Mobile/Phone
    13 votes

  • Yes, upgrading from BlackBerry
    38 votes

  • Yes, upgrading from another phone
    72 votes

  • No, because I don't qualify for discounted pricing
    48 votes

  • No, because of the connector change
    41 votes

  • No, because iPhone 5 isn't compelling enough
    458 votes

  • No, because I don't buy Apple products
    549 votes

  • No, because I'm satisfied with what I've got
    342 votes


Posted 6 years.

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  • Frank - 6 years ago

    Thanks for your concise informative article regarding the pros & cons in buying the iPhone 5. My wife has the iPhone 4 and anticipates upgradinh to the 5 in November, and she certainly hopes to see more reasonable pricing for connector adapters. I have the Samsung SGH-1727 running Android 4. So she likes her phone more and I prefer mine, although I have used an iPhone for a while and an iTouch for severals years, and then gave it to my daughter.

    Most reasonal people would agree there is no perfect phone and choices are good. Lets hope that both Apple, Samsung, HTC, etc all innovate and succeed to bring consumers mobile devices that are useful and provide good value. In addition, I hope that both Microsoft and Blackberry can define their place in the mobile marketplace too, as in particular I would be interested in trying out the upcoming Windows 8 based devices. Over the recents years I have weaned myself off my Microsoft Office/Outlook dependence become more comfortable with my Google App experience. I do not want to be in Apple's, Amazon's or anyone's walled garden, but rather assemble my own array of services and features on the devices of my choice.

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