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Will the Congress bow to Mamata's demand and roll back economic reforms?

Posted 6 years.


  • Basab - 6 years ago

    Please embed in your mind - India is divided between (a) India with about 15% ~ 20% population who have capability in creating effective Demand (b) the dusty, poors Bharat with about 80% ~ 85% economically Common Men. The Current Reform by pro-Western Prime Minister will turn (a) in jubilant mood, supporting him whole heartedly. (b) Will find more economic burden thrown on them, sending them to a more suffocating environment. Policy makers in the side of Ruling clique know very well, real danger to their existance may come from (b) if properly leaded by some genuine leader like Jai Prakash Narain OR by the Communists. But those possibility will never materialised.

  • Mathew - 6 years ago

    even though i voted NO, i have a feeling that the congress will succumb to the demands. i also take that these 69 percent who said no are hoping that we can make progress. I'm pleased to see that we have optimistic people in this country.

    unfortunately even the educated people in india and that electing corrupt and selfish politicians as they seem to have no options. it is the obvious that the politicians are not interested in economic progress of the country, but only in their own.

    these corrupt, criminal politicians need to be mob lynched!!

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