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Reinforcements Add-On Sets (Poll Closed)

  • Atomic Punks Set
    43 votes

  • Professor Karrick & Thulle Set
    100 votes

  • Luta & Shunkaha Set
    91 votes

  • Clockwork Fire Brigade Set
    36 votes

  • HS38 Rocket Biker Set
    88 votes

  • Linna & Girron Set
    33 votes

  • Cave Girl Babe
    47 votes

  • Geirahod Valkyrie Babe
    172 votes

  • Delzira Babe
    97 votes


Posted 5 years.


  • David Wiggins - 5 years ago

    You close the polls before the deadline that you posted! How fair is that! You have REALLY left a bad taste in my mouth!

  • Brett - 5 years ago

    I think that's the intended purpose of this poll. At 80k the Napalm level has its 15 unique minis. Not everyone is going to trade the shirt for two more choices though, so asking the community what comes next is a generous and fair way of determining the order of upcoming stretch goals IMO. I want the shirt and am ready to see some reinforcements added to the mix so that's where my $0.02 will go. People that want to trade the shirt will probably want to vote for one of the three babes.

  • Paradoxrifts - 5 years ago

    While I do appreciate the effort of trying to give your backers a crack at deciding what will be made or not, is this really the best way of going about it?

    This just seems rather vulnerable to ballot stuffing.

  • Amanda - 5 years ago

    I like the idea of giving us a vote in which goal should come up next, but I'm a bit puzzled by the choices. Why are babes and reinforcements mixed in this poll? They should be released as goals side by side. The more goals you present us with, the more money we can spend (it's not like the minis are free, we have to play for each goal).

    More babes need to be added to fill out the remainig slots for Napalm as soon as possible (see John's comment).

    Reinforcements should be added to push the kickstarter forward.

    In my opinion there should be two polls - one to determine the order of the babes released next and one to determine the order of the reinforcement add-ons.

  • John Pope - 5 years ago

    @Brett - Except you can trade the shirt in for 2 Babes requiring 17 choices, which means 2 of the 3 included here.

  • Justin McCOy - 5 years ago

    It was either "HS38 Rocket Biker Set" or "HS38 Rocket Biker Set," but, being me, I had to go for the one with a proper vehicle.

  • Brett - 5 years ago

    @John, 15 different choices for Napalm level is covered at 80k. I think they are giving backers a say on the order of the stretch goals after that.

    Basically, if you vote for one of the babe choice you are saying you want to see them as a reward choice (like the others) before seeing any of the add-on reinforcements.

  • John Pope - 5 years ago

    I'm confused by the listing of the last 3 Babes as Add Ons. At Napalm I need 2 of them just to cover all my options.

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