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Have you ever had to deal with a work bully?

Posted 5 years.


  • Archangyll - 5 years ago

    I had this white woman who I was friendly with at first until I overhead her telling my boss that another employee was 'toxic' to work with. Said employee just happened to be one of her closest buds at work. After that I distanced myself and she noticed. She confronted me and I played the 'I'm soooo busy' card. She didn't buy it...tried to make my life hell. I just ignored her every single day and everytime she complained about me to management they didn't say shit to me. Then there was a lull in business and she got fired :) karma is a bad bitch ;) and so am 'ignoring game' has NO equal! (Well except maybe Karen's)

  • @msnerdynikki - 5 years ago

    I was bullied by my boss for 6 months at my last job. I did the right thing of documenting everthing she did and sending it to HR. HR told me I was overreacting. My boss remarks about me being Black, Questioning me about how I felt about Gay Rights (my boss was a homosexual female), she made me stay late, she wouldnt let me take breaks. My boss ended up firing me because she said was incompetent at my job. Luckily for me most of bullying came in the form of emails. I kept records of my dealings with her and HR. I am in the processing of sueing my old job. KAREN AND ROD ARE RIGHT DOCUMENT EVERYTHING AND MAYBE YOU CAN SUE AND BE RICH LOL

  • Triple - 5 years ago

    At first sight, I would look like the bully!! But that wouldn't be true. I work in pathology lab with 2 old white women. I wear a bandana, lab coat, no smile, and have headphones on (just to separate me from them). They (the 2 women) wear big white privilege smiles on their faces, jewelry, makeup, and hum 1940's music all day. Now these 2 women, while humming, walk around the lab sabotaging each other's work and possibly setting up traps that can kill. quick examples
    1. picric acid is an explosive material that needs to be stored in a special cabinet for safety reasons. Why were several jars found in the basement directly under one of the lady's work area?
    2. xylene is another material we use in the lab. the fumes are so toxic, engineers monitor the airflow 1 or 2times per week for our safety. One of the old ladies dipped a towel in xylene and dropped it in a Pathologist Assistant's open garbage can near her work space. The Assistant passed out and had to go to the Emergency Room. They both blamed each other and no one saw anything.
    3. There was also a tech who committed suicide before i was hired on 6yrs ago. I got two different stories confirming harrassment, each blaming the other for contributing to that poor woman's work stress.
    So, I put in my 2week notice last week. I would do something crazy on my last day but these women got decades of experienced ratchedness! Maybe Smooth Criminal can shoot me some ideas haha.

  • E.Long - 5 years ago

    There were a few young men who came in my place of work....and they thought they could just bend me over whenever they wanted, Like I was suppose to take whatever the were giving... it was a strurgle. I had to make them see it was a give and take and we had to work together. It was hard, But we came through it.

  • P. Andre Joseph - 5 years ago

    I had one time. a guy who was not my manager was monitoring everything i was doing. from the clothing i would wear to where i would park my truck. besides that he would make comments like "Andre, what store did you rob to get those scrubs". Or my favorite "Your not looking so ghetto today".

    well i confronted him about all of that and he admitted that he didnt believe that i deserve to work there and will cake sure that I wont be there long. So being the ONLY BLACK PERSON working in that department I called the police and filed a report on stalking and I went to EEO and the Union Lawyer. .. im going to make sure dude is fired

  • Damien J - 5 years ago

    I dealt with one for a couple of days then reminded him that once we were off he was no longer in control(Bane Bars)

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