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Who do you think won the second presidential debate?

Posted 6 years.


  • JAY H - 6 years ago


  • Tim C - 6 years ago

    It is amazing how many people believe one candidate or party can fix what's wrong. What's wrong is lack of cooperation and greed. There is nothing wrong with being rich but there is everything wrong with not paying a fair share of taxes.

  • JBYRD - 6 years ago


  • JC - 6 years ago

    One further comment... once that economy IS turned around by creating an environment where investors compete to be able to invest here... nothing could kill it faster than to then starting to tax more heavily in order to pay for more entitlements or government projects.

    If we have learned anything from this "great recession" as the politicians and news pundits like to call it, and the "great depression" which it mimics, it is that it takes a thriving economy to maintain a strong standard of living and minimize poverty.

    Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

  • Pastor James Gillespie - 6 years ago

    It takes a far left to bring the pendulum back to center from the far right position now. 35 years of deregulation starting with Reagan and still going on cannot be turned around in 3 years by one President. Deregulation of the telecommunication, oil, automotive, airline industries and Wall Street is what did it. There is no trickle down effect. Go ask serfs of the middle ages. Wait...just ask your neighbor. BTW 2016...garbage. What haters want to hear. Watch instead HEIST

  • JC - 6 years ago

    Mitt Romney is the clear choice between these two.

    Mr. Obama insists that the Romney model can't work...

    That's because he has absolutely NO experience or understanding of how to make an economy grow. It takes people with money to invest, investing it in companies with aggressively visionary, accomplishable goals, with both of these individuals in business hoping to make a profit on their investment. Those with money to invest are fairly mobile people... they can go anywhere they want to in the world to make money. If we tax the investments of those tht have money to invest at a higher rate than other countries, they will take their money and invest it in a company in some other country... thereby exporting YOUR JOB, and your children's job! As Mitt said, create an environment where it is more attractive for them to invest here in our country... not by regulating them to have to stay here (creating more beuracracy and rules by which they have to abide), but by making it easier, more profitable, and more attractive for them to invest here. They will create hundreds of thousands of jobs in that kind of an environment! People with money in other countries will bring it here to invest! And because all those job holders in the businesses that they invested in are once again earning wages and paying taxes, instead of earning unemployment and food stamps, the budget does a complete 180 and becomes balanced, and the economy gets moving again. We become exporters of products, instead of exporters of jobs.

    It's simple economics, but apparently Mr. Obabma is too "simple" to grasp it. He obviously has grown up in an entitlement era where all he knows is how "the government has a responsibility to take care of the poor and middle income people". He doesn't understand that allowing the economy to run free and thrive is the ONLY way they will ever have a chance at more than a government check, paid for with borrowed money, the debt of which ends up hanging a millstone around their necks for generations!

    We can't afford another 4 years of no leadership to a thriving economy!

    Romney/Ryan is America's comeback team!

  • Danny - 6 years ago

    Obama has had his 4 years. I'm a completely broke college student with the hopes of attaining a job in my profession, but I don't expect my loans to be forgiven because I took the risk in the hopes of being a successful individual. However, when has it become tolerable, or favorable, to paint the rich (like Romney) as the "villains"? He took a risk in starting businesses, making investments, and employing millions of Americans, yet he is being criticized for his success. Why go to college and achieve success, if in return you're criticized and forced to pay over half of your earnings to those who didn't sacrifice what you had. A family member of mine started a business 12 years ago, going $18,000 in debt working out of his apartment. Now his company employs 40 people and he himself is a multi-millionaire. But, he told me, he can't afford to hire more people, not so much due to the economy, but because of taxes, in which he told me he pays roughly 54% of his earnings annually. This, to me, is absurd. Why punish someone who put every dime they had into this company when it succeeds? Lowering the tax rate employs people, so you can't tell me that the rich need to pay their fair share. When it all comes down to it, they may pay less of an INDIVIDUAL tax rate, (But a significant amount more than myself and thousands of other middle class Americans put together in a monetary sense) but their business income is taxed at double the rate of the average tax payer. So they're paying more than their fair share. So stop with this socialistic mindset, that the rich are taking from the poor and middle class, they're being punished enough. Romney/Ryan 2012!

  • tom t - 6 years ago

    Obama had 2 years, all dem congress and squandered it. He is detached and seems to like the idea of being the president. He basically likes the perks. Oh and he deals with middle east countries as if he is bias toward those regimes that are radical. Wonder why, couldn't be he is muslim. Once muslim, you can't go back.

  • Marijo - 6 years ago

    I'm tired of the EXTREMELY wealthy paying less than I do in taxes. Obama is committed to the middle class, Romney is committed to preserving his wealth, and that of the 1% like him. No one could have made this recovery happen more quickly! It's a global problem. Give Obama a Congress that will collaborate and he will do the few things he's promised and not yet completed.

  • RMR - 6 years ago

    God Bless America! What are we here for, ourselves? Most have fallen off the wagon that makes this country so great. FREEDOM to focus on God, what purpose He has in us. We are not expected to be lazy, this country wasn't started by hand outs and EXCUSE after excuse of why I can't find work. You would not be able to stay in America without a willingness to work. Every job is a good job to anyone willing and able to WANT to WORK!!! We are never to hand over our own cross to bear. We have to carry our cross individually and if that means that two union working parents and one divorced unemployed dad don't plan on my education, then thank you for the FREEDOM to choose for MYSELF! I chose to take on my own "education" cross to bear with financial aid loans, just as my spouse individually chose. It may have taken 8-10 years, but I have a distinguishable trade that "I solely" choose to become, as my spouse did. We never expected our parents or the government to hand us silver platters. Yes, I am still paying for my education, gladily, but willing and thankful to have a job! We are thankful to be able to provide better than our parents did for us and to be able to plan on a future education for our own children. We are thankful to raise our children to know their heavinly creator in freedom. We are thankful to have a purpose. I am thankful I was able to chose my own spouse. I am thankful for the ability to worship God freely. I NEVER want any government to dictate taking anyones own cross to bear away from them! No government should dictate anyones purpose for them. I served in the US Army 9 years. I chose to! I NEVER support laziness expecting handouts.
    Conservatively I support the small business owners and stimulating our economy and believe the experience of Gov. Mitt could, using a conservative approach, balance the massively devistating deficit. I believe in a flat tax system, it is fair.
    I NEVER trust anyone in office who does NOT believe in the one TRUE God, and they are running this country! How could anyone expect someone with no God to stand up for what principles this good country is based off of? Just as our founding fathers believed in the formation of the constitution, giving credit back to God.
    No the past four years have increasingly swelled of lies, hidden pork agenda, unnecessary government expansion, hidious deficit, agonizing tax burden, exponential crude oil and refinery of oil costs to hike gas prices, loss of access to quality health care and quantity, the american people psyche diminishing and threat of the overall breakdown intention for the destruction of the USA, we the people!
    No Obama, no, no, NO MORE CHANGE. DO NOT CHANGE this good COUNTRY! Purple, red, yellow, brown, white or black, whatever, THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why are you here? Do you like freedom, are you willing? Are you able?

    Gov. Mitt YES, my vote.

  • Sandra - 6 years ago

    I've paid taxes for over forty years! I marched with NOW in college. I am an intelligent woman who supports Romney not for the color of his skin or because he will give me something free, or because he is a smooth talker. I have paid attention to what he says and believe he is the direction we need this country to move. You Dems just love to rant about the rich. There is nothing wrong with making money. Trust me when you are older you'll wish you voted for someone who would let you keep your money and not give it all away to the lazy 47% who don't want to work (yes, they do exist). People in America need to understand that pulling the top down to the bottom means that we are all poor, not equal. The way to make anything better is to encourage the bottom to get off their a***s and work their way to the top.
    There will always be rich and poor in every society! In America you get to CHOOSE which one you will be by your efforts! You need to talk to some of the immigrants who came here with nothing and are now the "rich" you love to hate.
    As far as women are concerned they just need to make a lot more money. And use birth control until they can pay for the babies they produce.

  • Hoping - 6 years ago

    @ Sandra
    Ha ha ha! Why is it when the wealthy are asked to pay the same percentage as everyone else they think people are jealous of them?? FYI I am a republican but the party is so far right they are on another planet. Fortunately, I have a great life and am not in poverty and I want to stay that way. I have a business degree and DO understand how jobs are created...Everyone can do on for hours about a million topics and theories as to how it will affect what, but at the end of the day all I care about is reducing our deficit by asking everyone to pay the SAME amounts. I believe that is where this country needs to START.

  • Sandra - 6 years ago

    Obviously you do not understand how jobs in America are made (other than government jobs which means we have to pay more taxes to foot the bill). It's called free enterprise and small businesses are what drive the economy of our country. Guess who knows that - not the community organizer! Shut up about the rich - many of them worked their a***s off to get that money. If you're so jealous get off your duff and make your own millions. Romney's plan for true job development is the way to get our country out of the mess it is in. Many of you Dems worry about social issues and how someone makes you feel! All of us should be Americans working toward a common goal of financial security and protection of our country - the only two real government jobs. When a country achieves these two things the people will flourish on their own. Dependency on government cripples our abilities to be responsible for our own lives. That what holds so many of the poor down. Give them jobs and watch them better themselves and their families. You are a real FOOL if you do not vote
    for the man who can help us be self-sufficient - and it isn't the community organizer, golfer, and beer maker!

  • Steven - 6 years ago

    If you like $4 gas, vote for Obama, if you like not having a job, vote for Obama, if you like the way this country is headed, vote for Obama......

    If you've had enough of hoping for change, Vote For Romney as I am doing!

  • Hoping - 6 years ago

    If you make under $250K and want to vote for Romney, you are a giant moron. The ONLY issue Romney has been consistent on is continuing tax breaks for the wealthy. I can't understand why anyone wants to make a two-faced liar who changes his stance on whatever sounds good at the time the leader of our country. After listening to both men campaign for months I just don't understand why anyone would support Romney. If you agree with his religious beliefs, that's great and all...But our country is in serious economic turmoil...I'm not an Obama supporter per se, but I sure as heck don't want the exact same regulations Bush had, the ones that created this mess. GET INFORMED PEOPLE!!! If you are not the top 1% vote for Obama and keep the positive changes coming!! If you are in the top 1% and don't want to live in a crappy country, then VOTE OBAMA!!

  • bawb - 6 years ago

    Tonight's debate was much better for Obama performance wise, but record wise Obama is a epic failure. There is no way around the facts and i know that facts is bad word for you libs out there. For the black people weep are still going to vote for Obama i just want to remind you that in the black community, unemployment is at 14% which it totally unexceptional. If it was a white republican there would be riots and all kinds of rebellion

  • katie - 6 years ago

    I'm saying they have liberal hosts liberal news casters and are far leftest u can attack me personally if that makes. U feel better I already. Voted

  • TWest - 6 years ago

    Go Romney Go!!!!!

  • katie - 6 years ago

    the economy --Romney massacred the president by over 30 points, 65-34% where it truly. Counts reported by cbs

  • Sandra - 6 years ago

    Grew up truly poor in America. Finished school and went to college (worked my way through). Taught school for 37 years. Mitt Romney will make an excellent president.

    Obama won the presidency on race (PC correctness) and smooth talking. Community organizing isn't a real job. What has Obama done in four years in office? Played a lot of golf and brewed lots of beer. You lazy liberal idots had better wake up. Cause soon there won't be any hardworking middle class people to parasite on. If you love this country and know what the term "learned helplessness" means for all of us you'll vote Republican.

  • Glenda Berry - 6 years ago

    I am backing Mitt Romney. My reason is that he has shown that he has the stability to run a business and is doing quite well doing so. I believe he can get our country back on track. He has a excellent background with Staples and his track record while governor was a good one. The educational system was rated top in the country when he took over the reins. You cannot argue with his record of management . I think he can handle the much wider strain of budgeting our country because of this background. I will vote for Romney. He has shown what he can do and Obama has shown us what he cannot do.

  • S. Massey - 6 years ago

    Both sides lie and misrepresent as pleases them. Overall I think Romney lies more, and I voted Republican/ am registered Republican. Bottomline, his tax cuts math is BS, his 6 "studies" aren't even studies studies! Please, let's focus on who has an actual, verifiable plan. Not dreams, BS, and lies.

  • Kadee - 6 years ago

    Just to correct some misinformation above: Romney was not born wealthy. His father, born in Mexico, worked in the automobile business and his mother was a homemaker. He and Ann Romney lived in a basement apartment while they went to college. He attended public schools before that. He worked hard and studied hard at both Harvard Law AND simultaneously Harvard Business (as if law school wasn't hard enough). He achieved the American Dream by working hard, he was not born wealthy. He also gave 30% away to charities last year compared to Obama's 14%.

    Look folks, we dont have to keep walking around with our heads hanging low and accept the terrible state our country is in. We can change it. We have the power to feel proud to be an American again, to unite as a country like we did after 9/11. I don't know about you, but when I watch these debates, I feel charged up and hopeful about our future again. I haven't felt that way in a long time!

  • JB - 6 years ago

    Richmond, VA poll,

    Romney won by a lot 32%, won by a little 22% = 54% total votes for a Romney win tonight's debate

    Obama won by a lot 37%, won by a little 6% = 43% total votes for an Obama win tonight's debate

    Appx. 3% tie

    Romney = 54% win
    Obama = 43% win

    This poll shows:
    Romney win = 55%
    Obama = 42%

    Unskewed polls

    ABC, CBS, CNN a little skewed to the left don't you think?!?

  • Bert - 6 years ago

    I sure hope you are not old enough to vote! You sure aren't smart enough! CNN even gives it to Romney so far!

  • Romney Lost - 6 years ago

    C'mon you all , we all know that Romney is not certain in what he is going to do with the country, he constantly changes his thought, why??? Because he's scared, he is ling because he know that Obama is better then him and he doesn't have a chance

  • Bert - 6 years ago

    ABC, you think that is a news source? Give me a break!

  • katie - 6 years ago

    ABC is a liberal news station and so is CNN hence candy unfair advantage since she supports Obama duh!!!!!

  • MiddleAmericaMS - 6 years ago

    ABC News Poll: Obama Won Debate 70% to Romney 24%


  • Sam - 6 years ago

    I am an ex-democrat voting Romney/Ryan. I refuse another four years like the last, I refuse to vote for a President who continues to let down. Romney's background in business will put us on the correct path.

  • Ofek Shalom - 6 years ago

    We should ask the question of who is going to make our life better in the more deeper sense. Who is giving us meaning and inspiration? Or is it ourselves we should choose at last?

  • Kim - 6 years ago

    Con1ey....stop saying good night and go to bed! How dare you call others names, that only shows your own ignorance.

  • Chris - 6 years ago

    Chris- You are mad Romney was born wealthy?

    Did he sit around and blow inheritance like half of this lazy country would? No, he educated himself and he made himself into what he is now.

    Every American can make their own destiny, half just decide to go on good stamps and live off the government.

    There is a huge difference in being rich and being successful. You think we should vote for Obama because his Grand-mom worked at a bank? Yeah Obama, we haven't heard that story 500 times.

    And easy with the EXTREME talk. We all know (aside from Liberals) that clinics will never be shut down, it's 2012, we are not going back in history. Woman are not loosing any rights by electing Romney, that's just liberals ploy to sway woman voters in their direction. I am a woman and I have fully educated myself on Romney and Obama and I am voting Romney.

  • JJJ - 6 years ago

    I too am a woman from a very liberal state & will not tolerate another four years of loss! I have proudly switched parties & will vote R&R all the way! Mitt & Paul you have earned my vote, my family's vote, my neighborhood's vote, & our friends' votes! R&R 2013

  • katie - 6 years ago

    U are. What is wrong with this world calling names when people have good facts and opinions typical liberal always comes to personal attacks

  • Con1ey - 6 years ago

    @ Kim. Im using android. So sorry for the spelling, but yeah, i suck at typing. God bless you, good night. Im for real this time,

  • JJJ - 6 years ago

    Mitt Romney once again came out & showed a very presidential leader! I am proud to be an ex-democrat!!! We are rallying her for Mitt big time! Mitt obviously won both debates thus far hands down! Proud of you President will win by a landslide Nov. 6th & the liberals can go cry for handouts at Obama's million dollar Hawaii estate! :P Check the polls...they say it all!!!

  • Con1ey - 6 years ago

    @ Katie. Yeah, well he's dead now is what I meant. God bless are Seals, military, country, allies. America is best. When we do good the world does good. Good night

  • m - 6 years ago

    Between Obama and Biden, I really can’t say who the bigger liar is. Obama lied through his teeth when talking about Benghazi. During the Biden/Ryan debate, Biden also lied or is grossly incompetent when it comes to Benghazi. Also, toward the end of the Ryan/Biden debate, Biden shook his finger at the American people and said. “These are the facts!” he went on to talk about the Catholic Church and Obama Care. Everything he said on that topic was untrue. The Catholic Bishops had to release a statement to set the record straight and a Catholic Priest went on one of the news programs and said Biden lied. Perhaps the Catholic Church will start sending a Confessional, and a Catholic Priest, when Biden or Obama plan to speak to the American people in the future.

  • Bert - 6 years ago

    And by the way Obama cannot use the money saved from war for anything, he is borrowing it from CHINA!!

  • Chris - 6 years ago

    When you look at both candidates, who will support WOMEN, women's issues, immigration, gun reforms, and create higher paying jobs for all Americans, college grads, and people still looking for work? OBAMA will. Do you know why? He wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He knows what its like to pay 28% in taxes, not the 14% like Romney. To the women reading this, do you want your employer telling you whether or not you can buy your contrceptives with your insurance? Or do you want your access to Planned Parenthood blocked because the gov't has closed your local clinic because the cut the funding. Romney want to install a car elevator on his property. How many of you middle income citizens are debating whether or not to install your car elevator? When are the rich going to pay their fair share in taxes? William Buffet supports the Buffett Bill to cut the wealthy tax cuts and them paying more in income taxes. That's only a part of Obama's plan to growing America and reducing the deficits. He also agrees with lowering the corporate tax rate but this ALL relies on Congress people. A democratic president needs congressmen and women who will work with the president and not hold him hostage in keeping the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest of Americans (3%). I need you ALL who are reading this to consider pulling the full Democratic lever, chad, punch card, or computer button to clean out the Republican who WON'T or will not compromise with the Democrats. The Congress of yesterday is no more- no compromise, no deals, and the republicans have held the American people as well as the country back the last 2 years and have done nothing to help get Americans back to work, or allowed any legislation that helps women, immigration, or students help with their student loans. Why? Because republicans only care about the WEALTHY, why? That's how they got to where they are today- money, banks, oil and gas, and for Romney, hedge funds who bankrupt companies and ship jobs overseas. And he and his partners at Bain made a lot of money doing this for years. If is looks like a pig and it smells like a pig- it's a PIG! You republicans wanted change so you backlashed with putting more republican in congress 2 years ago. See what you got, more Washington grid lock. You republicans got what you wished for- 2 years of little to nothing getting through Congress so the president didn't have many bills to sign or veto. I say this continually to my friends and colleagues, it took 8 years to get us into this recession and it's going to take more than 4 years to dig us out of the hole. Are the auto companies back? Yes. Are there any more big bank failures like Lehmann Bros? No. Was Osama Bin Laden caught and killed? Yes. Is the Reality market recovering in existing and new home sales? Yes. Have we ended the war in Iraq and planning to end the war in Afghanistan in 2014? Yes. Running a state or the Olympic games and comparing that to running a country are totally different. Think about who can relate to the middle class more, a child to a single mother or one that was born to a rich political family that ran Michigan for years. Do you want a laugh, Romney is going to get rid of partisan politics and get Democrats and republicans to work together in Congress. I also have some swampland that has a house on it in Florida that's underwater and need to sell you for a song. Romney has no plan to raise revenue other than he's going to create 12,000,000 new jobs. How? There's no details- "get tough on China," "Lower corp. tax rate," like that's an easy job which couldn't be done in the last 4 years with Congress' help. You need a Democratic congress and a Democratic president, Obama had 2 years and wasn't given a fair chance to get us out of the recession. Americans wanted the economy to be fixed in 2 years of which again, it took Bush 8 years to get us into that recession. Vote straight DEMOCRATIC ticket we win!!!

  • Kim - 6 years ago

    Con1ey.....go back to college. Your English and your math both need work. Jason, quit with all of the blah, blah, blah, make your point and be quiet. Romney and Ryan for 2013.....My family can't afford another 4 years! AND....I am a woman!

  • Kelly - 6 years ago

    For those saying Romney changes his mind on issues- DID YOU FORGET when Obama ran for President he "believes marriage was between a man and a woman" but a few months before re-election he changes his stance and supports gay marriage? POLITICAL PLOY! Obama is a gumbi and will bend and conform to whatever will get him four more years. Romney has a backbone, Romney is what America is all about.

  • David - 6 years ago

    If Obama was so good than why is everything getting worse not better. Has doubled the debt, has had an increase in unemployment, food and gas prices up, and the list goes on. My life has not gotten better in four years it has got worse.

  • Con1ey - 6 years ago

    HATERS. LOLOLOL. I have to laugh at how pissed people get at this stuff. You are STUPID! RETARTED! IGNORANT! AND A SHAME TO THIS COUNTRY. Good night.

  • David - 6 years ago

    Facts we are in worse shape than we have ever been. Everything that obama said that he was gonna fix has gotten worse. Insurance rates up, taxes up, unemployment up, welfare recepients up. Fuel prices up. Defecit considerably worse. Obama has had a much greater impact than. Presidents before him. Unfortunately. In the wrong direction.

  • katie - 6 years ago

    HE DID NOT KILL BIN LADIN our seals did he just gave the ok and bush started the search not obama

  • Kelly - 6 years ago

    The Obama family has also taken 17 vacations since he began his Presidency, yet he is "for the American people and one of us".

    Judicial Watch, the watchdog organization that revealed the cost of Michelle Obama’s trip to Africa to be roughly $424,142, and the cost of her trip to Spain roughly $467,000, is now reporting that the first family’s “low-key” trip to Aspen cost the taxpayer $83,182.99.

    The vacations were ONLY looked into after the family had their 16th vacation and the right people caught on to the excess spending.

    So while half of America is pounding the pavement for work, the Obama family is vacationing on your dime!

    Also, Obama you did NOT catch Bin Laden, Special Troops caught him, you just happened to be in office when he was caught.

    And the employment rate is NOT going down- Holiday TEMPORARY jobs are opening up. Mitt Romney is the only answer.

  • Bert - 6 years ago

    You know, if you haven't served in military you shouldn't be allowed to vote. You just take freedom for granted. Who could possibly support an entitlement mentality??! It is unAmerican. If you want to be a socialist MOVE!!

  • Matt - 6 years ago

    Romney may regret his "47%" remark, but personal accountability is an issue in this country. There are people - think about the people you encounter in your travels - who refuse or fail to take responsibility for their own actions: cheating on their taxes, promising to do something and getting out of it by lying about it, ignoring someone in need of help because it is inconvenient to assist them, or blaming someone else for their own mistakes at work or school. This is what our politicians model for us and what far too many parents model for their children. BTW, George Bush may have been lacking in certain areas as president - history will debate the facts - but one thing he did was provide superior leadership in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. How quickly we forget.

  • flo - 6 years ago

    It's quite clear that people don't understand that it takes more than one term to ensure that plans go into effect. Don't you think that if Romney became president it would be another 4 wasted years? I know a lot about debates and it is obvious that Romney rehearsed and memorized key points which turned out to be inaccurate. He repeated his opening statement several times...What are his plans? We still have no idea..Republicans put us in this mess and now people are trying to put another mess in office. President Obama is the best choice. As a single mother I dare not vote for a man that says single moms are the reason for gun violence. Romney how dare you... Let Obama continue to work hard on the betterment of the American people and send Romney back to his lavishing life of stealing tax dollars from hard working citizens.

  • Jason. - 6 years ago

    Hahahaha. Kevin. I agree.

  • katiie - 6 years ago

    Helen u. Described Obama to a tee he switched his marriage vote and oil energy do some research

  • Kevin - 6 years ago

    Romney started almost everything he said with "the last four years" . Have you completely forgot what 8 years of Bush was like. If you think anyone but God could fix that disaster in four years you need to move to the planet Mitt Romney's god lives on.

  • Margie - 6 years ago

    Albert Einstein said the definition of an idiot is someone who continues trying the same thing and expects different results. Does anyone really expect the next four years under a continued Obama administration to be any DIFFERENT or BETTER than what we have suffered through these past 3 1/2 years? I think not. Romney is a trustworthy man, a man who stands by his wife and family and is smart, a great leader, and has my trust that he CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Our country needs it! I'm a Californian and I am voting for Romney!

  • Willie - 6 years ago

    Obama rocked tonight. 4 more years will fix the economy.

  • Con1ey - 6 years ago

    Why does Obama haters say he hasn't done anything in 4 years? He has done A LOT. Basically cleaning up everything from the last administration. Ending occupations, killing Bin Laden, trying to move the economy in the right direction, etc. You'll see. We are in an economic cycle. It goes up and down in a trend, and we already see it going down. A far cry from 2 years ago.

    P.S. people needs to set aside political party for a little bit. Some people won't listen to anything because they will go with their party regardless which is right.

    God bless. Good night

  • Becky - 6 years ago

    People wake up! Obama lies so much. If half of you fools kept up with state, world and policies you would know this. He wants a socialism country. Fact one tonight: Obama did not call Libya an act of terror go to the trascripts , I did. Check out why he was so involved in immigration (votes). Another FYI : the media only let's you know what they want you to know!!

    When obama was elected before ~ people stopped working; received more food stamps, and was able to stay on unemployment longer. They have been able to get government help on their house. Basically~ those of you who work hard ~ your taxes are being used to pay for those who don't want to work.

    Obama is a joke for this country~ bad for the military~ bad for the economy!

  • Jason - 6 years ago

    And republican. I am. But mitt Romney. No way. Ever.

  • Kelly - 6 years ago

    Obama has had FOUR years to do what he promised and we are digging ourselves into a deeper hole every single day that he remains in office. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Does anyone want another 4 years like the last 4 years?

    Mitt Romney is not rich, he is successful, he made his life what it is. Why wouldn't people want a successful businessman in office?It may sound cheesy but he is the American dream.

    Obama is constantly paling around with Jay Z (who is a former drug dealer who ruined the lives of thousands of people) and commenting on Entertainment issues, this man is more interested in being a celebrity than the President.

    We need a new plan, a new President, and who better than a successful businessman?

    Most people don't understand Obamacare, take a second to watch this 2 minute video which sums it up in laymans terms.

  • Becky - 6 years ago

    People wake up! Obama lies so much. If half of you fools kept up with state, world and policies you would know this. He wants a socialism country. Fact one tonight: Obama did not call Libya an act of terror go to the trascripts , I did. Check out why he was so involved in immigration (votes). Another FYI : the media only let's you know what they want you to know!!

    When obama was elected before ~ people stopped working; received more food stamps, and was able to stay on unemployment longer. They have been able to get government help on their house. Basically~ those of you who work hard ~ your taxes are being used to pay for those who don't want to work.

    Obama is a joke for this country~ bad for the military~ bad for the economy!

  • Kahlil Barrett - 6 years ago

    I personally feel that President Obama won this debate hands down. Not only was Romney, rude, indecisive, and vague as usual, I feel as though he showed more of his true colors tonight. You must pay close attention to how these candidates have carried themselves throughout this election and listen closely to how they answered these question tonight. Mr. Romney hands down was disrespectful to the President and to the moderator. If I'm going to vote, it's definitely going to be for my benefit as well as that of future generations. As of now, I still put my faith in President Obama.

  • Jen - 6 years ago

    President Obama clearly won the debate. I cannot trust Romney and it's important to me to vote for someone who is open and fair minded like Obama. The results of this poll is highly suspect to me.

  • Lynn - 6 years ago

    ROMNEY is the WINNER

    Obama can blame a video, he can give billions to faux business that lines the pockets of his comtributors, he has spent the US (yes that is us) into more debt than we are likely ever to get out of...

    Where did OBAMA send us the American Dream?????

    TO CHINA ************

    Sorry kids.....,,,Get a NEW PRESIDENT

    VOTE ROMNEY !!!!!!!!!!!!

    ROMNEY RYAN 2013!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jack - 6 years ago

    I am not better off than I was 4 years ago.I voted for hope and change. President Obama has failed in all he promised. Fool me once. 4 years Mr President it did not work. I have had 5 coworkers that agree. 3 have never voted and have register to vote this election. I want change

  • gio - 6 years ago

    I take big bird over Obama any time.

  • Paul - 6 years ago

    You are not a Republican and never were . The fact is you are a Lib and support Obama no matter what. No one believe s that anyone can jump from Ron Paul to Obama in one leap. You mean Obama is more like Ron Paul than Romney is ? You believe Obama will do better than Romney and you were a Republican.Ok. At least try to be honest.

  • Mark - 6 years ago

    Sid & Deb,
    I think the vote tabulations were done by the Ohio voting machines!

  • Deb - 6 years ago

    So has anyone looked at the debt Obama has racked up???? Three times the debt Bush left .... More debt than all other presidents in history. Who is going to pay for the massive bills that Obama leaves us? I don't want this legacy of debt and loss for my kids.

    Sometimes you gotta look past the "kwel" and look for the smarts.

  • Eli - 6 years ago

    Romney is lying to the American people. He tells people what they want to hear but his position on taxes changed again tonight! He cannot be trusted as a leader. The economy has had challenging times and this recovery will take a long time to complete. The republican party and its doctrine is the primary cause of this nation's woes and I believe, based on his record for four years, that the President is an honest man and I am proud to have him as our leader.

  • Ofek Shalom - 6 years ago

    We should ask the question of who is going to make our life better in the more deeper sense. Who is giving us meaning and inspiration? Or is it ourselves we should choose at last?

  • Crispin Gatiesa - 6 years ago

    If you think Obama won tonight's debate, you better get a new pair of eyes, ears and most likely a brain, because you have to be brainless, and be ready to join the black mob already announcing to assesinate Romney if he win. Welcome to the new America !

  • Helen - 6 years ago

    How can you trust Romney when he'll say whatever he needs to get one group of votes, then say the opposite in front of other voters? He did a 180 on gun control, abortion, health care reform whenever it was convenient. At least you know where Obama stands no matter who he's talking to.

  • Isabelle - 6 years ago

    I see it as a DRAW. President Obama did what he had to do, which was to do better than he did @ the 1st Presidential debate; and he did. Much better. Romney's job was to hold his ground, and IMHO he did. For this reason I can understand how everyone who has already made up their mind can say their candidate clearly won. However, for people like me who are still undecided, the outcome is not as clear. I'm starting to lean, but still not 100% sure which one I will cast my vote for, so I'll hold out till the last debate. The only thing I wish was that they would have moderators who did not meddle so much. I could care less what they think!!! Or what they think I should be thinking. Just butt out and keep time!!

  • Jason - 6 years ago

    You don't dig your way out of a near complete financial collapse caused by the prior administrations in just 4 yrs. we are on a clear steady path towards growth both balanced and sustainable. You want a bubble and more Harvard grads to create investment vehicles no one understand by a Wall Street playing by their own rules then vote republican. The deck was stacked against the average American worker for a long while before Obama came to office. It will be that way again under Romney. One virtue Obama seems to have is calm an patience, too bad most Americans don't and fall for a power point slide show with bullets most of which are a far stretch

  • Debra - 6 years ago

    Ash did you bother to check the facts? The person making up things is Obama. He doesn't even remember his lies --- a Las Vegas fund raiser was more important than our loss of four Americans. Obama has a blank check and he is creating massive debt --- Americans are losing hope. We need ROMNEY or we will end up like France.

  • Kelly - 6 years ago

    Romney won without a doubt

  • Jason - 6 years ago

    Obama had president bush's pile dumped in his lap and the after math of George w to deal with. On top of a failed economy when he took office. I am a true republican or as the republican party used to be. But Obama won tonight in my eyes and will get my vote. Unless Ron Paul could somehow make the ticket then I would vote for him. A true republican. Not a neo con like big money Romney. We borrow money to give foreign aid to countries that hate us and don't want us in their business. Keep our money. Leave them alone deficit solved. Quickly. If they attack us fight back harder. They only attack us because we occupy their country and force our way of life on them. We wouldn't stand for it here would we ? Arabs with guns telling us their way is best?!? Hell no. I don't blame them I'd hate us too ... Republican Party picked a loser with mitt Romney and barrack Obama will be your next president. We should have listened to Ron Paul instead of laughing at him for standing up for the constitution and what our founding fathers set down in law so this country would always prosper. We have lost our way. And the only way to get back is to follow our roots. Washington and Jefferson would kick the doors open on their caskets and kick our asses for letting these nimrods ruin what they fought for and worked so hard to pave a way for America to be the best place to live and die. I love this country and I have fought to defend it yes I'm a veteran and if my failing body was able I would fight again I love my country. But I hate my government. And what it has become.

  • Gio - 6 years ago

    Mr President had the chance to make a difference in 4 years.....
    He needs to step down and allow a real man or any man for that matter to do the right thing for this country
    present and future!!!!!!

  • lena - 6 years ago

    President Obama won! No bi partisan all democrats when Pres win again that's when you will see results! I was undecided but its clear I'm going with who I can trust! Republicans can give a rats ass about middle class

  • Tom - 6 years ago

    Obama seeks to divide and blame INSTEAD OF TRYING TO IMPROVE THE ECONOMY...STUPID






  • Debra - 6 years ago

    Obama is ineffective. Romney was right .... We know exactly what we'll get with Obama four more years of decline. He doesn't know what he's doing. Romney is a proven success - we need a ream that can put into place the stimulus - not in subsidies but rather in policy, tax structure, and less government interference. VOTE ROMNEY

  • Ash - 6 years ago

    President Obama clearly won the debate. All Romney did was lie, lie, and lie and he isn't even good at lying because he always gets caught.

  • Con1ey - 6 years ago

    Ok. One last thing. Obama didn't do CRAP to cause this recession. Not one bill, policy change, or movement could have prevented it. It was a combination of a WAR and policies involving people trying to make quick cash with nothing to show for it. The US isnt the only country fighting recession either. All of Europe is too. Any dumb ass that wants to say otherwise is stupid. Obama is making the right moves, doing what Clinton did. It's going to be ok people

  • duh - 6 years ago

    Go OBAMA.

  • bill - 6 years ago

    The president clearly won..hands down. And ps when millionare Mit Romney talks about the middle class unless your making 100,000 a yr or more he's NOT talking about you

  • Ofek Shalom - 6 years ago

    We should ask the question of who is going to make our life better in the more deeper sense. Who is giving us meaning and inspiration? Or is it ourselves we should choose at last?

  • betty - 6 years ago

    Romney was the more forceful and Obama completely dishonest about Libya...6times at the UN he blamed the video..5times ambassador rice blamed the video..over and over awful

  • PA - 6 years ago

    Obama clearly won the debate!

  • Kay - 6 years ago

    Obama has had 4 years to do what he promised when he ran for President. He has completed none of those things even with a Democratic House and Senate. We've already seen where his policies have taken is time for a change. I ameducated, go to work everyday and so can over half of those people milking the system on public assistance. Get a job....make a difference!

  • mmac - 6 years ago

    Obama is a talker and Romney is a doer. I'll vote for the doer any day.

  • Alex - 6 years ago

    Romney won. He talks jobs. Obama plays on people's emotions without saying anything specific.

  • Linda - 6 years ago

    We cannot afford 4 more years with Obama. We are not better today than we were four years ago and it clearly showed in today's debate!

  • Jason - 6 years ago

    How could anyone trust Romney/Ryan are for the middle class? Romney ran a equity firm that invested in companies where they came in layed off employees, slashed benefits and pay, moved jobs overseas then took huge bonuses and pay checks for themselves as they later sold the companies. He will run this country the Exact same way. If your rich (I consider myself lucky and well off) well do great under Romney. If not and you're struggling good luck you're on your own. As Romney said just go to the emergency room when you're sick. That'll lower costs. Furthermore Mitt what about those tax returns? What's the big secret? You pay lower % than I do.

  • Alan - 6 years ago

    alex, I believe he was saying that EMPLOYERS (like him, when he was in office) need to be more flexible to accommodate women's needs.

    I support Romney - but don't feel either of them won this debate. Both stated their positions clearly and passionately. Take your pick.

    In the end, assuming you feel jobs and the economy are the most important issue, it comes down to this. Do you believe governments create jobs - or businesses? It's that simple. Take money from businesses, and they can hire fewer people. Period. There is no debate about that. Give money to governments, and what happens? Much, if not most is wasted - and you pay the bill, over and over again.

    Opportunity, ambition - even, dare I say it...greed - made this country great, like it or not. If people like Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, etc. were around today, they would be reviled by modern-day Democrats who want "redistribution of wealth." And these wealthy, greedy, powerful men made America great.

    Remember, it's true that the fortunes of the 2% are made on the backs of the 98% - because the 2% EMPLOY the 98%. (Obviously the percentages are not meant to be accurate - only making the point.) Wealthy people and corporations are created by lots and lots of WORKING people - not by governments.

  • Mom - 6 years ago

    Please let's do the math our president has done more in 4 yrs. mitt will do the same thing that bush did.. Mitts want to tell women what to do. Please people LISTEN!!! Mitt think he could run the country like a business so that means forget the poor... Wake-up

  • EVA - 6 years ago


  • dollarbill - 6 years ago

    I can see obama rising in the polls in the next couple of days

  • Bob - 6 years ago

    The people who are crying about the poll numbers CNN is a liberal station that favors Obama

  • Ellen - 6 years ago

    Obama had 4 years to make a positive difference on the lives of most Americans and he hasn't delivered. If he worked in the private sector, his contract wouldn't be renewed. He'd be gone. He bedazzles with promises and rhetoric and magic tricks, but he disappoints. If he is re-elected, he will either get very little done because of his lack of political skills working with people who think differently than him or he will create an even more toxic environment of class warfare.

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