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Posted 6 years.


  • Jeri - 6 years ago

    What an idiot!! What a disgrace to all mothers!! Single and Not single mothers!! She just made herself look stupid!! I just LOVE the INTERNET for reasons like this!! GOOD for you Waitress for SPLATING her stupidity all over the world so she and everyone else can see how stupid she is. She is probably one of the "Single Moms on Welfare" who are eating and living better than I am!! She probably(well OBVIOUSLY) eats Lobster and Steak 2-3 times a week, she probably drives a $30,000 Vehicle, lives in an upscale neighborhood AND wears all the namebrand clothes!! BUT here I am having worked on and off for 15 years, never been on assistance(other than my children getting healthy family medical insurance) my husband has only been UNEMPLOYED for 1 year out of the last 33 YEARS and in those 33 years he has always worked hard physical jobs and now I am disabled and he is still working and I STILL am lucky if I can afford 80/20% GROUND BEEF!!! But SHE IS OUT SPENDING $140 IN ONE NIGHT ON DINNER!! MAN THAT REALLY PIZZEZ ME OFF!!! And let me clear something up before I get a bunch of haters!! I have NO PROBLEM with people getting assistance WHEN THEY NEED IT!! I have a niece who is a SINGLE MOTHER OF 2 WHO IS ON ASSISTANCE BUTTTTT You would NEVER catch her spending $50 on one night of dinner let alone $140 and she also goes to school/College Full Time and Works Part time and I couldn't be prouder of her! So it's not that I have a problem with people getting on assistance!! Thanks for reading and letting me vent. Have a Blessed Day!!

  • M - 6 years ago

    440 people think it's optional to tip? wow. waiters/waitresses are working to make their living and they do so ON TIPS! be considerate. if you can't afford to tip properly, then cook your own meals.

  • july - 6 years ago

    I worked as a waitress,sorry its her right if she spends 2.00 dollars and shes a millionaire its a choice.138 r whatever keeps the place open another day maybe the next person will be generous.Its called positive thinking.The waitress needs it.Don't take it personally.Its the public.

  • july - 6 years ago

    Its her choice to leave a tip what does single mom have to do with it?drinking maybe.

  • Andrea - 6 years ago

    As a single mom I have worked up to 3 jobs at one time to take care of what is needed to raise my son...a full time job Monday through Friday, a department store during the day on the weekends, and waitressing weekend nights (on the weekends my son was with his dad) The sad thing is, the waitress she stiffed was quite likely another single mom who was working to keep her head (and her children's heads) afloat...and who probably wasn't able to afford the luxury of a night/meal out, much less a $140 dollar meal. If a waitress does a poor job, the tip should be a reflection of this. Not if the food takes too long to arrive, or if you have to wait a long time to be seated or anything else. The tip should be based on whether or not the waitress was trying hard and was pleasant and courteous, because if you can't afford to tip, stay home. The wage for waitressing is much less than minimum wage and tips are suppose to make up for that. I honestly cannot believe this woman had the audacity to write that.

  • Lisa - 6 years ago

    Women like this give single moms like myself a bad name. Really lady you just didn't want to leave a tip. How many times in her day does she use that excuse and she is really a single mom or did she just thought it sounded good. Either way it was stupid choose to make. I'm sick of single moms and dads that uses that has an excuse. I know it can be hard being a single parent and sometimes you need help with the kids but even married couples need help with kids and things!!!!

  • tartofdarkness - 6 years ago

    Katie Holmes, Heidi Klum, Sandra Bullock are all "single moms". Clearly they would be able to leave a tip at a restaurant. The idea that "single mom" equates with not having to take full responsibility for your actions because you don't have a partner is ridiculous. If you're old enough to have children, then you should be mature enough to be responsible for your own actions.

    And as many other people have mentioned, plenty of waitstaff are single moms and dads who rely on tips to support their families.

  • jeff - 6 years ago

    Probably a P.O.S. mom whom uses the child support to pay her damn over spending habits. My ex did the same crap. The restraunt should

    put her name on a freakn billboard.

  • Mary - 6 years ago

    This single mom has done something that I certainly hope will not give other single moms (like myself) a bad rap. I've worn many different "hats" in various places of employment. I have been a waitress in the past and as a waitress worked hard and diligently to "earn" my tips. Tips are the mainstay of your wages when you wait on people at eating establishments. No matter how good or poor the service is, I always know that I must have enough money left after the cost of a meal for a tip. However, a tip amount, I feel, is based on and reflective on the service I receive. I don't think I expect any better service than most, but a server better come to my table more than one time to take an order, set down your meal and return with a bill. I expect a server to be prompt with bringing and/or offering a drink (at least setting down a water), and checking back on the guests at least one or two times after serving the meal to ask if everything is okay, how you like your food, and see to it that drinks are refilled and then when you are finishing to offer a dessert (if desired) before bringing a final bill and soon after delivering the final bill to come back to the table to process payments. Sometimes they wait a little too long to come back to do this and people are anxious to get going. If a server does not check back and I have to wait a long time to get any service I do not necessarily tip beyond 10 percent, on the other hand, if the service is good I try to always give at least 15 percent or a little more. As for judging whether or not this single mom should or should not have gone out to eat in an expensive place, I do not know the circumstances of why she was out nor does anyone else (other than the server perhaps). I have felt compelled as a single mother to go out with family or friends, for instance, for a special occasion for a birthday, anniversary, etc and all my other bills are paid, etc. and perhaps have overspent on occasion (not this much, however). I don't know how much this happens and I hope it is not often that a person would spend this kind of money (or less) and not leave any tip for any reason of not having any money to do so but for whatever the reason, I think it is up to mature adults to stop judging and to start forgiving. Is it possible that others were with her during dinner and that they actually provided a larger tip than necessary? We do not know this by looking at only one bill. I know when I have been with my own family that we tend to probably way over-tip if anything and this may have been the case, meaning that if this single mom was with a big group of people each paying on their own for meals that someone else in the group actually provided a large tip covering her tip. As for the server or whoever it was that deemed it appropriate to post this because you did not get a tip, I'd like to say that the next time anything like this happens to you, perhaps the right thing to do is to say a prayer for this woman and believe that God can perform miracles like perhaps having someone leaving a tip on her behalf. I totally get it that you feel like you "earned" a good tip and did a good job, however in everything that happens in life I believe that God teaches us lessons and that God helps us through if we believe.

  • Maureen - 6 years ago

    She should not have been eating out and spending that type of money! That would have paid for groceries for a good number of days! If she needs to eat out that badly, go to a fast food place or a Denny's or Applebees! Makes one wonder what's going on in her head!

  • Jeanne Hairfield - 6 years ago

    If you can afford to pay that much too eat out..You can afford to tip... Anyone who says tipping is not a requirement is a real Jerk and has apparently never had to serve the public and she quoted the server had done a great job....signed Single Mom......

  • Terri - 6 years ago

    A tip may not be "required" but many of those servers are also single Moms/Dads. If you can't afford to leave a tip for good service.....then you can't afford to go out.

  • Ann Dallas - 6 years ago

    Tips are required when most servers make about $2.30 an hour. If you can spend $138.00 on one meal and can't leave a tip then you need to say home. She could have bought a week's worth groceries for the money she spent!! My daughter was a waitress and I know that she depended on tips to compensate for the hourly wage she was paid. And then let's not forget that the person wrote on the ticket "the service was great"! How inconsiderate and rude!

  • Patty - 6 years ago

    for a single mom to spend that much on a single meal you can bet she gets food stamps and welfare so our tax dollars most likely paid for that meal

  • James - 6 years ago

    Tips are a privilege to receive if the server did what they should do or even beyond there required. On the other hand restaurants that are buffet an the server tops of your drink once or twice really should be an option on tips.

  • Taterbeetle - 6 years ago

    What if the waitress was a single mother that could not afford a meal like that.

  • Rich - 6 years ago

    April is very correct on all fronts however, it's ok for single parents to spend money at a restaurant BUT if you can spend that much then make sure you have enough to leave at the bare minimum 15%...nowadays 20% is very much appreciated. I have been in the bizz for 27 years and fortunately I don't have to work for tips anymore but most waiters and waitresses make 2.13 an hour. The people who voted to not tips are idiots who obviously have never worked in the business. Shame on you!

  • Sue - 6 years ago

    I'm a single mom and for shame on her!! If this was a special occassion, she should have budgeted in enough for a tip. If the service was poor, that is different, but obviously that wasn't the case.

  • April - 6 years ago

    I have been a server my past 3 jobs and your life consists of those tips. You don't get minimum wage, but instead 2 or 3 dollars an hour so your daily life depends on those tips. If that woman could spend THAT much on one meal, then "single mom" is no excuse what so ever. Instead of going out and spending alot of money on a meal, she could have bought so many "meals" that could last several days, weeks, or maybe even a month.
    Please America, think of others around you. Just because you do not know someone and you are in a restaurant or a store and you know that customers are always right should NOT be the reason why you would treat others so wrong. Once it is at your job and happening in your life, you realize how stressful it may be to be treated wrong.

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