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Do you like the team's new name? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes
    698 votes

  • No
    4,732 votes


Posted 5 years.


  • PJ - 5 years ago

    Now, instead of the R Phils, they can be called the F'n Phils

  • Carl Mathias - 5 years ago

    This got to be the most ridulous thing I ever heard regarding sports!!!!!

  • Dawn Troutman - 5 years ago

    If they were serious about changing the name it should have been a fan and community decision. Not corporate. They could have taken a poll to see what we wanted because this stupid idea surely is not.

  • Jeff - 5 years ago

    If they were going to change the franchise a little bit, why not name the team the Reading Steelers!!! Carpenter Tech (CarTech) has been part of Reading, PA for a long time and is very close to the ball park and maybe a Steelworker for a mascot. (Similar to Pittsburgh Steelers) Not an Osterich and "Fightins" is just a bad for violence in the city of Reading, just a bad image.

  • michelle - 5 years ago

    Your going to end up with ostrich egg in your face on this one. who's the ignoramus who came up with this. GO BACK TO READING PHILLIES. Why mess with success.

  • Gary - 5 years ago

    LOL. This is so stupid I had one of the best laughs in ages about this which they say is good for your health. If that was the purpose of all this this then I guess they succeeded in making this ball club and city the funniest and dumbest in the country. They could have used the name Dumb and Dumber or Porky's as the new team name and had that big fat owner of the bar in the movie Porky's as the new mascot. LOL. This is so sad and stupid I can't stop laughing. I think the guy that that set me off was the guy that said something like the following: If they intended to do this to make it more identifiable with the city of Reading why not just call them the Drug Dealers or the Murderers instead of the Fightin Phils and then to make it even worse someone else said that stupid looking bird with his fists up that looks like he's running from the law. LOL. I'm sorry but I still can't stop laughing. LOL. This is sad sad sad and stupid stupid stupid. LOL. Maybe the manager should have been the new mascot with his fists up or maybe they should have just put his face on a kangaroo with his fists up to make it even funnier if they really wanted to be original. LOL. I hope no one buys any of their merchandise. The manager and everyone involved in this change should all be held accountable for this huge blunder. Why trash almost 50 years of a great tradition? LOL. They're clueless. Even 6 year old kids can see this. LOL.

  • Grandma Moses - 5 years ago

    The schools are trying to get the kids to stop "bullying" each other and to show respect for one another. Then some dimwit comes along and messes with tradition! The name seems to indicate the players want to fight - real good choice of a word! This dimwit must have been the bully on the playground! Just remember, payback can be a (well you know the rest)!

  • Dee - 5 years ago

    "Fightin", really, 1/2 of Reading is already illiterate and now this new name makes the city look even more stupid. "Fightin" and an Ostrich (using that term lightly) with fists is sending the wrong message to our already troubled youth!!!!

  • Terrible Name Change - 5 years ago

    Terrible name and logo change. The Fightin Phils is a nickname, not a team name and if anyone should be using it. the major league team should.

    Hope the Phillies drop them as a farm team.

  • Steve - 5 years ago

    Who's to blame for this monstrosity of a logo? Scott Hunsicker and his buddies at San Diego design firm Brandiose—the same people who came up with Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs. (Why am I not surprised?) This Reading Phillies marketing fiasco ranks near the top of the list, right next to New Coke.

  • Dianne - 5 years ago

    stupid stupid stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Geoffrey Wyatt - 5 years ago

    The Fight'n Chickens! I just can't believe this! That is the most lame this I have ever heard!

  • Mike - 5 years ago

    I think the mascot is ok and they could have stopped there but to change the name to the Reading Fightins is just the dumbest thing ever and say they changed it for the kids. They are supposed to be role models I have a 6 year old boy I dont want him routing for a team called the Fightins its just not right.

  • Tim - 5 years ago

    As the great Shaq once said, this is horri-awful.

    And not to nitpick, but the ostrich isn’t even anatomically correct. The front leg correctly bends forward at the joint, but the rear leg bends backward at the joint like a human leg.

    So what we have is a half-man half-bird, angry, malnourished, ugly, mangy creature who is raising its wing-fists while being on the run. Sounds about right for the kids.

  • L J S - 5 years ago

    WHOA! Dave Bauman (God Bless You for your insight on this major league error! ) should be re-instated for his expertise on seeing what a flub this is, and whoever (no matter how many are involved) dreamed this up should be relieved of their duties! I only needed to read a few of the above posts, and nearly laughed myself off my chair to see the citizens of Bearks and Reading REALLY disapproves!!! WHO would be caught dead wearing a t-shirt with a hairy legged bird? We won't stand (or sit) in the stands for this one!

  • Susan Speros - 5 years ago

    The new name and ostrich moniker are totally lame! They won't fly!

  • jim showalter - 5 years ago

    All i can say is Dumb move.......and obtw i don t think anyone is going to buy the hats t-shirts etc. they are selling. Unless its for a joke

  • Kirk - 5 years ago

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! WHAT! I grew up about half a mile from the ball park. As a kid I lived to go to "READING PHILLIES" games. I now live in California,but still follow the "READING PHILLIES." It's unfortunate that team management has made this "BAD CALL."
    Check out your survey,not many like what you have done with our team.

    I guess this is more evidence of the decay of the city I love and grew up in.
    I will still go to "READING PHILLIES" Games when I come home,but I am saddened by this to the point of depression.

  • Wendy - 5 years ago

    I am baffled by the choices that were made by the front office of the R-Phils. I totally understand the need to re-brand and market your product to a new generation but an ostrich as a mascot? The Crazy Hot Dog Vendor is great as entertainment during breaks in play but to rest the entire reputation and image of the club on this one idea does not make sense. Mr. Hunsicker stated they wanted the new brand to identify with Reading and yet there is nothing in the new image that relates to the Reading area. I'm always willing to give ideas a chance but I can honestly say this is one idea I think should have stayed on the drawing board. RIP R-Phils.

  • Blake - 5 years ago

    I was born and rasied in Berks Co. I now live in Harrisburg and I have always been proud to say I'm a "READING PHILLIES" Fan; especially when they play in Harrisburg against the Senators. No more support from me or my family when you come to Harrisburg. What are you thinking??? Very bad choice for the Mascot and the name is ridiculous... The Fightin's Really and when was the last time you saw an Ostrich fight? Wait till PETA finds out what you are doing with a bird.

    VERY BAD CHOICE... so you are no longer proud of Reading anymore; that's the message you are sending... Good Luck with that!!!

  • PISSED OFF - 5 years ago

    You ruined the brand name. You introduce a freakin ostrich on crack.....what the heck is that about?

  • mike k - 5 years ago

    wow swing and a miss, no homeruns hit here. I showed this to my 6 yr old and he said it made no sense, funny a 6 yr old has more sense than the front office in reading. The mascot has nothing to do with reading or it surrounding area. A mascot coming from one of the worst mascots Reading already has in the crazy hotdog vendor is just sad. The Royals have a lion king of all animals, the Express have a train which makes sense for the area and the Fightin Phils have a bird that hides its head in the ground. Hope the team is better than the joke that the front office just made them look like. Can see it now the first give away can be feathers or an ostrich bobble head. i will go to games to support my local team but in way will i support and buy this new crap they are tring to push on their loyal fans. So who are we the Fightin Ostrich or Baseballtown hotdogs? At least the hotdog is more reading than the ostrich with berks hotdog in reading. We just went from a team to watch out for to the team to laugh at GOOD JOB!! Maybe the team did not need a new name & logo just a new front office.

  • Buddy - 5 years ago

    Dumbest thing I ever saw. DO -OVER!

  • Sylvia - 5 years ago

    I really think this is all about money and the selling of merchandise. It is definitely not about the fans and what they want. I will not say I will not attend the games because as a family we enjoy them but I can say I will not buy any of their new merchandise and will continue wearing the Reading Phillies items I have. I will save lots of money this way because always buying something for grandkids. Also last but not least, the Ostrich is totally ridiculous. Not sure what the READING PHILLIES were thinking when they made this stupid change.

  • Mike - 5 years ago

    I'm a cab driver in Reading. I already have enough embarrassing things to explain to people from out of town. This one takes the cake! Just scanning the comments on this board, I'm getting the impression that the front office not only shot themselves in the collective foot, they paid someone to set up their gallows. Not only is the coice of mascot/name inappropriate for a violence (amongst children!!!) ridden city, but it looks like a throwback to the forties! Good luck in banruptcy court...

  • Mike - 5 years ago

    Boycott. This was all about making more money. If the fans don't show up at the stadium they will have to change this horrible mistake.

  • John - 5 years ago

    Wow! I was disappointed last week when I first caught wind of the name change, but this is laughable. For years I had held this organization in the highest regard, but I’ve sadly been mislead into thinking that this is a first class operation. If creating their own identity was the intention here, choosing an adjective that describes another team, and a mascot derived from a joke is just pitiful. “F” for creativity. Alienating yourself from an incredibly loyal fan base… “F”. I could go on. Poor business decisions kill great organizations.

  • brian - 5 years ago

    the funny thing about this . it's baseball. a trival sport. why cant the city get this kind of responce on issues that really matter , crime , poverty, ect. but for the record . name n logo stinks

  • Phil - 5 years ago

    From all the comments in this poll and on Facebook the fans have spoken. This is a NO GO!!

    Leadership absolutely failed - enough said!

    Oh, we are also the customers too! That is if the management cares at all about us - if they do then let them prove it. Now the management can step up to the plate and do the right thing.

  • Judi - 5 years ago

    The name is absolutely horrible and the mascot is ridiculous.
    Why when we have a good name and etc should it be changed to something hideous.
    Leave it alone!!
    Very big huge mistake and poor choice.
    The people supported the Reading Phil's for so long.
    Leave the name and mascot alone.

  • Mike - 5 years ago

    OMG... Someone better bring the shrinks the the field. I think they lost their mind, because they will most certainly lose their fans!

  • Jim - 5 years ago

    Is it April 1?? This is better than the Concorde landing at the Reading Airport!

  • Deb - 5 years ago

    Seriously...its ridiculous! I mean try to stay in the box and be somewhat identified with the Phillies still, thats why we love our team because its closely related to them. What about the Reading Phanatiks?

  • Jay - 5 years ago

    Fightins maybe, but only maybe. The ostrich, however, is just plain stupid. We take a gimmick like the crazy hot dog vendor and use him - not even him, but his ride - and turn it into a team mascot? It doesn't mean anything!! Why not broccoli or cauliflower, after the vegetable races? That makes just as much sense. This is a MAJOR FAIL.

  • Mark - 5 years ago

    Scott Hunsicker and Co., you are frigging idiots. I hope you don't sell a stich of merchandise. I know I'm not buying. I think I'll come out after the 7th inning so you don't get a dime from me. Enjoy your season because you've ruined it for many a READING PHILLIES fan. Enjoy your ostrich on Thanksgiving.

  • Fred - 5 years ago

    I guess Mr. Stein doesn't own the team anymore, so am I to assume that someone in ownership who has no history or heritage of the Reading area came up with this Logo and really thoughtful name, just a few beers from someone who probably doesn't even know baseball.

  • Erica - 5 years ago

    They've always been the Reading Phillies, they should remain the Reading Phillies!!! And the ostrich looks like a half plucked chicken! Not cool!!!

  • Luc - 5 years ago

    Hate the break from tradition. Reading doesn't have much going for it but at least linking to the Phillies via the minor league team made me proud. Now we look like the joke City we are that cannot attract a major department store.

    I will buy one piece of fan gear if they make a pair of boxers with the logo inside on the butt side of the boxers. That way the logo can kiss my ass all day long!

  • nelson - 5 years ago

    I understand rebranding. Even in slow to accept change Berks County it can be done. But to pick a new name that will be more associated with violence to attract children to the team? I understand a new logo that youngsters can relate to. Does an ostrich have anything to do with Berks County? Pennsylvania? The United States? Or the Phillies organization? A filly logo with a young horse if done right would at least be understandable. Even the most stubborn Dutchmen genes would at least give it a second thought and might even learn to appreciate it. I've been involved with designing a a few patches and logos. Ten artists given the same parameters may come up with dozens of ideas. Often there are only one or two that pop at you. The right one becomes obvious. Nothing about this rebranding is going to be received well. Whoever made the decisions has no feel for their audience.

  • D - 5 years ago

    Pathetic, just pathetic, no wonder they didn't consult the fans, because clearly 85% of us think they've seriously gone off the deep end with this move...but instead of seeing their stupid for it is, they just keep hoping that if they keep shoving at the people, that they'll talk until it wins...but sadly, like Andy Reid, their time is up and they are clueless and can't adjust to what makes the team win and that was keeping the name The Reading Phillies, period, nothing else.

    An ostrich?! really?! that was the best lame excuse for a new mascot and logo your money could buy from the tools at Brandiose?! ROFLMAO! Yep, never going there again...the O for Ostrich is going to become the 0 for $0 bucks as more people realize the lame thing that just happened and just walk away.

    As for those who say we aren't being loyal...think again, we're being loyal to the tradition and we're being loyal, it's the front office that stepped on the fans and aren't being loyal. From what I hear, there was "stunned silence" as Hunsicker and others introduced the change and unveiled everything and I don't that was due to them being amazed, more like shocked in horror and disbelief!

  • Chad - 5 years ago

    I think the name is ok, however the Logo could of been a little different!

  • Rod - 5 years ago

    I think u guys should have stayed away from the beer stands. If you paid someone to come up with that you should get your money back. Stevie wonder could have drawn you a better logo. Really hurts my feelings that you didnt think of the fans that come to the game and spend their hard earned money there at the ballpark. When there are no fans in the stands maybe you will change the name back. But then maybe it will be to late. If it anit broken why try to fix it

  • Margaret D'Amico - 5 years ago

    This name is worse than "Iron Pigs".

  • Barry - 5 years ago

    Are you kidding me. Is this a joke? STINKS!!!!!

  • Rosemary - 5 years ago

    What is wrong with the name Reading Phillies that they had forever? I don't get the change and expense of changing everything. Crazy

  • Mary - 5 years ago

    I hope everyone boos the crap out of them on opening night.....or better yet boycotts until they drop this ridiculous ugly logo and name. Get your heads out of the sand with the ostrich thing (or are your heads somewhere else?).

  • Linda - 5 years ago

    Well, they have succeeded in getting many people Fightin mad!

  • Jim - 5 years ago

    To all the R-Phils fans Boy cot the games till they change it back. Season ticket holder for years NO MORE.

  • Leah - 5 years ago

    How exactly is 'Fightin' appealing to children in a good way? Like we need any more encouragement of that in the city. I thought when they were talking of re-branding that they were going to come up with a more original name, something away from the main franchise, to stick out, rather than going with an outdated phrase.

    As for the mascot; every kid must love scrawny ostriches with hairy thighs! Why use the man who throws hotdogs that is supposed to look ridiculous as inspiration for the mascot? Unless the goal was to be laughed at. A kangaroo would fit the theme of 'Fightin' much better, if that has to be the name to begin with.

    Overall, very poor choices, and a waste of money. Maybe the fans' opinions should have been accounted for before everything was changed over?

  • Doug - 5 years ago

    Only thing good about that bird is those drumsticks.

  • Ed - 5 years ago

    Who is going to explain this mascot to my children; as if it can be explained.

  • julie hassler - 5 years ago

    I almost pissed myself from laughing when I saw the MASCOT ............... REALLY what are you doing to READING . That bird or what ever it is looks like a scrawny peacock ..... STUPID ASS MOVE there Hunsicker and I think you used the right choice of words when you said they had their coming out party makes this name change and logo look like it should have a GO BACK IN party , I know I am done with going to the games no way in HELL I would be caught dead in any clothes with a bird that looks like it comes from the one of the poorest cities in the US it looks like that bird dont eat maybe that is what it is FIGHTIN for . Think I will just go watch my YANKEES AAA team at least they would never think of disgracing Scranton !

  • RP - 5 years ago

    Its not too late to change your mind. Please turn back time. The name/logo is nonsensical!

  • Eric R. Angstadt - 5 years ago

    Unbelievable. A non-sensical change. As a corporate sponsor, I'm disappointed in this decision. Nothing speaks to long-term business success like familiarity and stability. This change, especially the addition of the ridiculous ostrich, is disappointing at best, and a reflection of a terrible ownership decision at its worst. So sorry to hear of this change.

  • Linda Chavey - 5 years ago

    Why didn't they pick a "manly" baseball name for their team like the Railroaders or something that had meaning. What on earth is that bird! It doesn't even signify anything to do with Reading and it is rather wimpy. Not liking it.

  • Lew - 5 years ago

    Dumbest change ever. People of the area loved "Reading Phillies." Who is the dumbass that came up with this campaign, who agreed to pay them for it, and WHY would you take this successful a franchise and change it? Did the parent club demand it? It's probably the same people that re-designed the Sports Page Website.

  • Cheryl - 5 years ago

    Unbelievable... Wasted money on a stupid mascot and name. They should be ashamed. They need a new front office!

  • Robbie - 5 years ago

    I seriously doubt you paid for this...WHAT did... LMFAO. If I were you I'd get my money back. An ostrich, really guys come on...a ground hog would have made more sense and that is lame too. Really? an ostrich. I for one believe ya all stood on the nearest crack corner before you made your choices. OH I get it it's April fools it is November...there ya go add a few feathers and you have a Turkey! Remember the NEW COKE fail? This is the FIGHTIN's FAIL! Good Luck You're going to need it. The stadium will be full the first day to BOO the yo-yos who made this decision.

  • Scott - 5 years ago

    Crap... I hope they did not pay for that!

  • Tracie - 5 years ago

    The name is bad,but the mascot is just plain BAD BAD BAD

  • nancy - 5 years ago

    lousy name & look at that stupid bird

  • Greg - 5 years ago

    So this was the BEST name and mascot they could come up with? I'd hate to see the ideas they threw out.

  • R-Phils Fan - 5 years ago

    Please tell me this is a very BAD JOKE.

  • krystal - 5 years ago

    Why does this remind me of russel crows fightin round the world?
    Lets highlight the most common attributes of our great city.
    Failure to learn proper english.
    Ridiculous violence.
    And what appears to be a birdlike creature on meth.

  • Amy - 5 years ago

    I'm not even a baseball fan but think the new logo sucks!!!!

  • Edson - 5 years ago

    This is a very poor name and logo design. Neither the name nor the logo has any relationship to the region, the sport or the team. Please email me the name of the company who designed the logo and a list of people who worked on this project so I can be certain to never use or recommend them for use by anyone for graphic design or marketing of any kind. This logo and team name only redefine the term Epic Fail.

  • Disappointed - 5 years ago

    I've literally grown up with the Reading Phillies. This has made my whole family upset knowing the name and logo have changed. I read the article on Reading Eagle and it said part of the reason the name and logo were changed was so it would be geared towards kids. Reading is already a dangerous city, and this just made it worse. Having the mascot putting up its fists, good move guys, good move. Very disappointed. I hope it'll be changed back.

  • Stephanie - 5 years ago

    Are you kidding? Wow. They just lost my money. I won't even think about spending money on the new logo. Drug test whoever approved that idea.

  • mike - 5 years ago

    What a stupid move . I will never come to another game .

  • Dan - 5 years ago

    Are you serious? It is a terrible name and a ridiculous looking logo. I can't believe the parent Phillies will allow it.

  • Dottie - 5 years ago

    Are you kidding! You want to appeal to children and you have picked a mascot with his fists in the air. Don't we have enough violence in Reading? Shouldn't the appeal be more of a positive one. Not sure if I really want to come patronize a venue that lists themselves as "fightin"

  • MIKE - 5 years ago

    reading phils, that is how i grew up with, not the fightin phillies...reading is a crime city, and now to add...fightin...who was behind this......remember...if it isnt broke...dont fix it..
    it was fine the way it was......

  • Losers - 5 years ago

    So my 13 and 7 year old kids who have been to the ballpark since they were born both think the name and mascot are "stupid".

    This is really to attract more kids? I think not, plenty of kids already go to the games.

    Keep the name Reading Phillies, change the mascot to something appealing to kids (other than an ostrich or even screwball). Change the colors even but not the name.

    I know I don't want a mascot that encourages "scuffling" or Fightin' and I understand the 50's tie but those were different times.

    Mr Hunsicker really missed a great chance to solidify his legacy in Reading. He has built a first class organization for the owners but he took a chance that ultimately will backfire. This is the kind of career move that will move him back to being a food vendor rather than to the next level.

    Reading Phillies!

  • Lanor - 5 years ago

    ...the Hot Dog Vendor Ostrich is clever and fine ....and "Crazy"....
    but ...please....not the whole focus of our team.

  • Kyle - 5 years ago

    I will still refer to them as the R-Phils, I will still wear Philadelphia Phillies gear to the games, Im still not going to pay 40 bucks for a minor league sweatshirt, and I will not wear such a rediculous looking mascot on my shirt or hat. But I will still attend the games, it is still baseball and I still love the game. Now they may just be reffered to as the R-F-Phils

  • Lanor - 5 years ago

    We will still enjoy the games but not buy the new label....I liked the Train on the "R" and the patch with the Reading Pagoda...We never were confused about referring to the Reading or Philadelphia team. It felt condescending (?) To be given a few weeks to get over the shock of a new name.

  • Sean - 5 years ago

    In a town and county in which people are resistent to change you had to figure changing the name of a team that's been connected with this area was going to cause a stir. I Idon't really care and think change can be good. The club is obviously a business and their trying to make more money so they create a new name, new merchandise to make more money. The name choice I think is pretty good but the Ostrige makes zero sense, it's not cool or even funny.

  • Steve - 5 years ago

    It's all greed, change the name so they can make money selling their own merchandise instead of Philadelphia sharing the profits... Good luck with that, a muscle bound ostrich is ridiculous, only people paid by the team would wear such a stupid logo... They said they didn't want to be known as the R Phils or Lil Phils because of the correlation with Philly, but aren't they a farm team and isn't the Fightins a nickname of the Big Phils??? Hunsicker, you screwed up by messing with tradition and making these dim witted choices...

  • Jill - 5 years ago

    It's all about the money. Everyone will have to go out and buy new hats, shirts, etc. I think it is in such bad taste. Why would you change something that has been a symbol of our city for so many years. Yes, go ahead and promote more fighting. When I first heard about this, I was appalled to think they would even consider changing the name. Reading Phillies Forever in my book!

  • Lindsay C - 5 years ago

    I was ok with the idea of changing the name, especially if it was something to do with Reading as a city - railroads, pagoda, etc. but to encourage fighting? With the name and mascot?! Isn't there enough crime in Reading already? Do we have to promote it!?
    Very upset. I sincerely hope they reconsider.

  • Akats - 5 years ago

    What a sad state of affairs. They had a great thing in Reading and they messed with it. If the game productions get any more kiddie oriented they might as well move the amusements to the field and just skip the baseball.

  • Sharon - 5 years ago

    This new name sure doesn't do any thing for the image of Reading. Not a good choice. Who ever came up with that name must have had his/her head buried in the sand

  • Kyle - 5 years ago

    "Guess you could say the READING PHILLIES have an opportunity to bury their heads in the sand on that one" or "if they tank, at least we can bury our heads in the sand"

  • sissa - 5 years ago

    First of all, I don't know why they would change the name and secondly.....It's a really poor choice and the Ostrich mascot is very unappealing.

  • Dave - 5 years ago

    What woman (or man) blew the head honcho to have their kid name a storied franchise. I will not support such an insulting logo. Must have been one hell of a blowie...

  • Steve Skrocki - 5 years ago

    Who can we contact to urge the termination of Scott Hunsicker?

  • Joseph Webb - 5 years ago

    I am hurt and angered by this name change. All my life they were the Phillies. Things will never be the same.

  • Mark - 5 years ago

    Not a good choice for a name at all!!! Poor decision.

  • laura - 5 years ago

    Who cares? Same team, same place, different name. Global warming, world hunger... We're worked up about the Little Phils name change?

  • Bryan - 5 years ago

    This really is a mistake of Titanic proportions. Hunsicker and the rest of the people involved in this decision should get nothing but a pink slip for christmas.

  • John - 5 years ago

    Well being that they are named after a mascot, I guess it could be worse... READING TOOTH-FAIRIES!!!!!!" NOT!!!!!! Like let well enough alone. If it isn't broke don't fix it!!!!!!!!

  • Brad - 5 years ago

    It's all about money! Greedy friggin piece of garbage Hun-sack-licker! I hope people don't give in to buying their shtt! We should all be angry that he is just doing this for more revenue. Nothing to do with making fans happy!!!!!!!

  • Joe - 5 years ago

    So Hunsicker this name change is for the kids and how your reaching out to the kiddies, put your money where your mouth is, stop selling beer immediately at all home games. HOW far are you going to reach Scott?

  • David Wise - 5 years ago

    Stupid Name but.....

    We will still be going to games. It does not change how we enjoy the game!

  • Daina wurster - 5 years ago

    An ostrich as a mascot!!! Really!!!!! I would be embarrassed to wear any of their attire. If you already had a brand that has taken over forty years to forge why would you change it,simple reason, greed! As an ostrich Hunsicker should stick his head in the sand and tell himself this was a great idea, NOT!

  • Joe - 5 years ago

    Stupid name. Stupid mascot. Someone was seriously asleep at the wheel on this one!!

  • Eric Nawa - 5 years ago

    Seriously horrible name and worse mascot. What a slap in the face to all the fans that supported them for years. I have many fond memories of the R Phils over the years. I'm mad that frenchie is gone too. He was a big part of the experience. I'm surprised they didn't call them the reading drug dealers or how about the murderers.

  • Cathy - 5 years ago

    And how many of you negative people were there at the stadium today for your free stuff? That's what I thought.

  • Susan - 5 years ago

    This is the worst name and mascot they could use-------what a shame! I used to go to the stadium when it was the Reading Indians under the franchise of the Cleveland Indians. Those were the good old days. BUT this new name is terrible and I agree with the others that said Fightin sure tells you a lot about the city of Reading. You mean to tell me that the powers to be could not have thought of a better name and mascot-------???? Get rid of them also.

  • Dot - 5 years ago

    It's funny reading the comments about how people are not going to the baseball game because the name changed. Well that is a true fan! Do you really go to a baseball game because of the name. WTH are you people talking about. I go for the baseball game, between inning entertainment, the fun with friends, the awesome staff running the show, the free concerts, and of course the food! So now instead of spending a few dollars to go watch the Reading Fightin Phils, you are going to pay more to drive else where and probably not have a good time.
    Oh yeah, and if you don't think that ostrich is a positive image, well then you've never seen the crazy hot dog vendor entertain the kids. He has a huge following.
    See ya at the stadium!

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