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Which was your favorite Egyptian God? Leave a comment and tell us why.

Posted 5 years.


  • stephanie - 4 years ago

    i picked seth because he looks like a very instresting god to learn about

  • paola - 4 years ago

    well the goddess that i wanted to choose wasn`t on there but my favorite goddess was ma`at. she was the goddess of justice. she was the wife of my favorite boy god: Thoth. he was the god of wisdom. and you definitely need wisdom for justice. i chose them because you have to be wise in order for justice to be served. they are my favorite gods.

  • raymundo - 5 years ago

    i choose anubis because he was the most intresting god and i chose him for my paragraph

  • cesar soto - 5 years ago

    i choose anibus because i wrote the paragraphs on him

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