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Did Rob Parker Have A Good Point About RG3

Posted 5 years.


  • da_ticklah - 5 years ago

    This is some motherfucking bullshit man! Fuck this nigga! When is they last time they analyzed a white athlete's life and lifestyle to this extent? Let that man live and be the QB greatness he can be.

  • Sterling Harrison - 5 years ago

    Fuck dat nigga Rob.

  • Reggie - 5 years ago

    Rob has a point. I have seen 2 interviews when RG III has answered a question about black quarterbacks by steering the conversation away from race. He didn't want to be compared to Cam. Now he doesn't want to be "defined by the color of his skin". It's not always a negative to be compared to a black quarterback. What's the problem with being compared to the quarterback that had the best rookie season ever when you are still a rookie? You can't be compared to a Super Bowl winner (Aaron Rodgers) when you have only played 8 games. Why does RG III feel anyone is defining him by his skin color when they ask him a question about black quarterbacks? The fact that he is so resistant to the comparisons makes me wonder why? I haven't heard enough about him to know the answer and neither has Rob. That's why Rob said it raised a red flag. He didn't question RG III's blackness.

  • SpcMtn (Space Mountain) - 5 years ago

    I think he has a right to ponder the question with his make believe friends he talks to from DC, But hell naw he shouldn't be on TV and the point was the exact opposite of good. It's 2012 what "cause" is he not down with. The only "cause" I see him and Step-hen A. Soft-shoe on is belittle black athletes and protecting Skip Masta. If RG3 is republican and engaged to a white woman how does that make him a cornball or less black. If anything dating a white woman probably makes him more black in some people's eyes. And shit with them new found millions and this Obama economy he better be tryna pay lower taxes. And the Tiger comment gets me, black people expect him to not recognize he got a Thai mother and shit and act like he can't be both. I like how Rob Parker acting like he just level an New black Panther party meeting and making himself the authority on who is black. Rob Parker go suck ALL of Chill's Dicks

  • Isaiah - 5 years ago

    I don't see why RG3's blackness needs to be check. If RG3 wasn't black enough, does that nullify his talent or something?

  • Mr. French - 5 years ago

    Alot has been said about this and really Rob Parker has a history of making comments that cause controversy, that's why he's on ESPN. It's asking Dr. Cornel West what he thinks about President Obama, people already know what he's going to say. On RGIII, I can appreciate that he's a good football player, I don't care about his political views or that there's nothing wrong RGIII wanting to be the best at what he does, I agreed with Parker there. But then he suggests that RGIII is somehow not a legitimate Blackman because he's Republican and has a white fiancee. Who the hell is Parker to grant "Blackness" to anybody? I can understand the annoyance with people like Tiger Woods saying I am mixed with this or that. Tiger Woods may not claim to be black but that was sure enough some nigger-shit he pulled when he was married. I bet you felt like a nigga when all that shit came down on him and he had pay out all those millions. Look, I think RGIII is aware of his Blackness, if not politically then physically. He is in a position where he is universally liked, that is until he does something bad to a dog or cat, cheat on his fiancee (being that she's white America would be outraged) or blow up a cheese processing plant. Being universally liked means endorsements, commercials, it means money. I don't buy into the idea that just because he's popular (right now) and he's very talented as an athelete, and seems intelligent that he's somehow not Black or Black enough.

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