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Which side do you support in the Ontario teachers' labour dispute?

Posted 5 years.


  • Michelle - 5 years ago

    The public needs to hear more of the truth, so here it is. Laurel B. is nothing but a liar. The package she put infront of ETFO was a sign it or get lost kind of deal. That is NOT TRUE democracy. Where do we live in a communist country? If she and her team came with a more negotiating attitude teachers would not be in this strike position. IT is also NOT a wage freeze people, teachers need to work for 3 unpaid days which is a 1.5% pay decrease. Ask any teacher, they would agree to a wage freeze but you should never go backwards in a new agreement. Also, yes we are in a tight fiscal position, but don't take away what teachers rightfully own, like their banked sick days. How about starting from now on alloting them 10 days but allow them to keep what already belongs to them. That is stealing and bullying what the government is doing to teachers and that is WRONG! How can we save money, cut all day babysitting (JK/SK), teachers hate it as kids get cranky by lunch and don't do a thing but whine that they want to go home, useless. Cut EQAO, happens in June when most classes are 40 degrees and kids don't care to write a dumb test, not true results anyways. Tell the truth Dalton, class sizes are only capped from gr. 1-3, my daughters gr. 5 class hasd 30 kids kids in it. Why doesn't the government ask teachers about stuff as they are the front line workers and they are the ones who put students first, not you Dalton and your nerdy sidekick Laurel.

  • Ishmael - 5 years ago

    Jenna, Peter, you missed the point. The "greedy" teachers already agreed to the wage freeze. They also found a way to save the money the province wanted saved. The province refused to even entertain a way that wasn't their own to save that money. It isn't about money from either side.

  • Peter Lee - 5 years ago

    It is absolutely wrong to take away the teachers' democratic rights to collective bargaining. Bill 115 is nothing more than McGuinty trying to cover up his mismanagement of compensation for teachers.

    The teachers should get their bargaining rights back. But in the ensuing process to negotiate for a fair agreement, we need to also be aware of how well the teachers are being compensated. This is not the same group of poor, underpaid, overworked teachers from 10 years ago.

    Yes, they play an important role in society. Yes, they work extra hours marking homework and exams. Yes, they run and manage extra-curricular activities that enrich our children's education.

    But they are also well-compensated for what they do. This is the same group that is used to 2-1/2 months of vacation, an excellent pension, unrivalled medical benefits and a feeling of entitlement for banked sick days. Never mind the vacation and benefits, their salary scale is competitive, if not better than most professionals with the same or higher level of education.

    5 years of working as a teacher gets you up to ~$74K. 10 years of seniority gets you up to $95K. Getting to the top grouping is just a matter of taking AQ (additional qualification) courses in the summer. In keeping with the current rate of 3% annual salary increases, every teacher at the top of the scale will make the sunshine list in 2 years. These numbers speak for themselves.

    How is this sustainable? How does this make sense when most parents are trying to make ends meet in the current economy? Yes, teachers should get their rights back to negotiate. But they need to be ashamed of themselves if they don't come out of that process accepting a wage freeze and at least some graduated system of reduction in benefits.

  • catherine armour - 5 years ago

    I give a hoot! I have a friend who teaches in the states and has been attacked in her classroom 2x in 20 years of teaching. The last time it happened she called down to the office for support and no one came. She asked me...would this ever happen in Canada? I said probably not because we have unions that would protect the teacher and stand up to the school....and it really made me think that I am glad the teachers are protesting to get rid of Bill 115 and the gov'ts attempt to bust unions. Also, people are calling the teachers in the states heroes, but any teacher I know would say "this is what we would all do". I support teachers!

  • Jenna - 5 years ago

    Who gives a flying hoot about this. To me teachers are acting greedy. They get payed enough to teach. What about the underclass. You know the people who earn minimum wage, even though they may have finished college. What about them. They are complaining about their wages staying the same, but the underclass has to work their butt off and dont even get that much. Yeah, teachers have an important job, yeah they teach our children. Stop complaining about a 2 year wage freeze. If you keep fighting they may shut schools down completely and all the teachers will lose their jobs. Hmmmmm lose your job, or let ur wage stay the same for two years, i think id rather my wage frozen then losing my job, and children not being able to learn because some people felt that they need to be a little greedy.

  • Gorm - 5 years ago

    @ mc_ottawa

    Valid comments all around. Teachers have an important job. No one disagrees , but more important than a nurse? Health inspector? Police officer? Firefighter?

    Help me understand ....

  • Murray Bevan - 5 years ago

    I am a teacher. The province negotiated a settlement with Doctors. They can negotiate one with us. Let's talk about where we can find savings in education, including my package. While we're at it, let's also look at our MPP's packages as well.

  • Eden Dell - 5 years ago

    I am a new teacher and so don't have a lot of experience to draw on however, I support the points these teachers are making. I will be certified to teach in Alberta where teachers currently have the highest wages in the country, under a conservative government. I'm really surprised that this is a bill being put forward by a liberal government. Striking should always be a last resort, it is a determent to students, but sometimes its the only option left. The union can only do so much when teachers are employees of the province and this is all they have left to do.

  • Jesse - 5 years ago

    Uh... How about the option to support "the students"! The greedy teachers and corrupt Liberal government aren't the only two options here. How about an option in the poll which says we support the students!

  • Ishmael - 5 years ago

    What's odd is that the Liberals keep saying the same lines: Its too bad the teachers won't take the wage freeze. Its odd because they agreed to it in the spring. People are really worked up about this right now and are getting behind the liberals but it seems like small potatoes when you think of what it is diverting attention away from in the face of upcoming elections, namely:
    Cancelled gas fired power plants in Mississauga, the E-Health scandal (those two alone total about $2 billion), then add Ontario's Air Ambulance and the Contempt charges against the Ministry of Energy, almost forgot the wind turbine issue. The Liberals have done a great job of diverting attention from where it should be. If we want to fix the deficit it would seem we should invent a time machine and go back to before McGinty was elected.

  • Anwar - 5 years ago

    Allah forbids strikes so go back to work

  • Deb - 5 years ago

    this vote is useless, just reset your browser and keep voting.

  • harmin - 5 years ago

    hi i under stand whats happening but i think the teachers can have the right to negotiate

  • Ray - 5 years ago

    There are much better places to make cuts. Top heavy management of the government. Political representatives, their budgets and benifits are a great place to start.

  • Ray - 5 years ago

    There are much better places to make cuts. Top heavy management of the government. Political representatives, their budgets and benifits are a great place to start.

  • Ray - 5 years ago

    There are much better places to make cuts. Top heavy management of the government. Political representatives, their budgets and benifits are a great place to start.

  • Tim Beggs - 5 years ago

    The teachers are making a stand right now for all of the peoples rights in this beautiful country.
    If they loose there rights.We all loose.This is only the start of a loss
    of our freedoms. I am a factory worker unions are by no means perfect.
    But they have fought hard since there inception to make life better for us.
    I love kids and and feel sorry for the parents struggling though this situation.I truly be-leave this is not about money. I be-leave it is about making a stand for all of our freedoms as Canadians. GO TEACHER GO !!!

  • mc_ottawa - 5 years ago

    Ontario’s teachers have had a good run under Premier Dalton McGuinty: the introduction of full-day kindergarten; a cap on primary class sizes; and generous pay increases of as much as 12 per cent over four years.

    Now the good times have come to an end. The province has a $14.8-billion deficit, and public-sector workers cannot remain immune from the forces of the broader economy. Members of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, who announced a massive walk-out Tuesday, need to curb their expectations. the contract negotiated by Ontario’s French teachers association, and the Catholic teachers association will come into effect for all teachers on Dec. 31. It imposes a two-year wage freeze for all but the most junior teachers, and a reduction in annual sick-day allotment from 20 to 10 days. It also stipulates teachers take three unpaid professional development days in exchange for preserving the grid that guarantees annual salaries go from an entry level of about $40,000 to $90,000 over 10 years. These terms do not seem unreasonable. The Canadian Medical Association recently agreed to a two-year freeze – albeit the contract was negotiated, not imposed.

    Teachers occupy a special rung on the public-sector ladder. Many play heroic roles in motivating and inspiring children to become their best selves, and they deserve to be well compensated. But banking annual sick days is no longer justifiable. Wage increases cannot continue indefinitely. Smaller classes and all-day kindergarten, on the other hand, are changes worth preserving. Teachers are not likely to get a better deal. Ontario simply can’t afford it.

  • John Rozema - 5 years ago

    In my opinion the issue is not between the government and the teachers but between the the teachers union and the government.
    My teacher friends take their job responsibility very serious and would much prefer to be teaching, but they are being bullied and coerced by their union. The teachers are being threatened by the union with black listing and harassment if the don't take part in this strike action. Unions should not be allowed to force peple to do things they don't want to do.
    I wonder if their is a connection between the bullying of some students and the bullying of teachers by their union.

    As far as the Provincial government's issue is concerned, they have to do something to stop the bankrupting of the province and freezing the teacher's compensation for two years is very minor compared what has to be done.

    John R.

  • AL G - 5 years ago

    Fire them all , hire a new

  • Danny Handelman - 5 years ago

    The economic justification of Bill 115 is flawed, in that a lot more money would be saved from abolishing the Catholic public school boards ($1.3-$1.6 billion/year) and the "free" daily bus transportation ($800 million/year) compared to the short-term savings from freezing/losing wages and benefits.

  • Ray McLean - 5 years ago

    Teachers deserve a very strong contract. They do one of the most important jobs in our culture. We need to support and reward their dedication

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