Researcher researching the truth about the UFO and other related phenomenology.

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Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev stated on December 7 that Russian leaders are briefed on the existance of aliens on Earth. The question is...

Posted 5 years.


  • Ken - 2 years ago

    "IMHO", Mr. Medvedev has to be an accomplished PsyOp professional, among his many other professional skills. Using an opportunity with a reporter, and pretending to be unaware of the microphone, he drops a hint of the Russian Government being in league with possibly friendly aliens. Understood, of course, is the suggestion the exchange of highly advanced technology being part of their association.
    Also, "IMHO", if the Russians had actual contact and association with intergalactic travelers, they would have no use for hauling around the nuclear codes in the football.
    Similar to our own subtle disinformation regarding the disclaimer of stranded intergalactic travelers working for us somewhere in Nevada with a numerical area designation. "Fear of the unknown" can be a significant weapon, properly wielded...

  • Janie Langley - 5 years ago

    Government leaders will influence people as much as they believe any other government leaders or religious influence or public speakers of any flavor or persuasion.People that have seen ufos will deny the event and those who have never witnessed a UFO will profess to the absolute certainty of the reality.When UFOs manifest all around Earth for all to witness at the same time,only then will each make judgement of what they believe.

  • David Biron - 5 years ago

    It's time or governments to serve the people ( collective conscious ) instead of repress it. The time or secrets in the name of National Security has come to an end. There are no enemies, so lets join the galactic universe and quit this nonsense !!!!!

  • mi - 5 years ago

    I suppose it would be good if it were all true, and if the information could be seen by the public............either in letters, or video proof...............

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