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If you are taking or have taken the recommended dosage of thiamine, please provide feedback:

Posted 5 years.


  • Vivian - 2 years ago

    Debbie, if your son is being discriminated against due to his speech impairment, you may be able to file a lawsuit against those employers. Disability discrimination is ILLEGAL. It's the same with any other disability; if you were in a wheelchair, and a prejudiced employer said they wouldn't hire you solely because of that, would you take it sitting down (no pun intended) or would you take action to give the employer their comeuppance?

    I also stutter -- it runs in my family, so in my case there is definitely a genetic component. My stutter is possibly as severe or more severe than your son's; I stutter on every word in every situation, so much so that I am often functionally "mute". How do I get by? I use a text-to-speech app on my iPad Mini to "speak". I recommend this assistive technology to your son as well -- it will allow him to orally communicate (except, perhaps, on the phone).

    You are also correct about the Basal Ganglia connection; I too have OCD tendencies and definitely have ADD. Through my own research I've concluded that stuttering is largely due to an imbalance in dopamine in the Basal Ganglia system, so it's not surprising to see these co-morbid symptoms.

  • Debbie - 3 years ago

    My son is a young adult with a college degree, yet he is unable to find a decent job because he stutters. He is intelligent and compassionate, but no interviewer will give him a chance. The interview is very stressful, which makes the stuttering worse. Interviewers think that something must be wrong when they hear him talk in a stressful interview. This makes his self-esteem worse. Each time, no job offer. So he works a retail job part-time--that's all who would hire him. After reading your article on Thiamine, I decided to give it a try. I bought the Solgar brand Thiamin B1 100 mg. capsules. After trying just one 100 mg. pill after breakfast, there was no difference in fluency. But, after taking two pills at once (200 mg.), there was a HUGE difference on day 2. Remarkable, but if 100 mg. at a time does not work for you, try the 200 mg. at a time, as long as it is Thiamin HCl Solgar brand, it will be water soluble and safe. Time and days ahead will tell, but I did not tell my son this was for his stuttering, just a vitamin to take, so he is not thinking anything different about his stuttering. But only I know, I didn't want to influence him psychologically. And for now, today, I can't thank you enough for discovering that a simple vitamin in high enough doses, for someone who is very deficient, can possibly change someone's life. My son may now be able to get a decent job, live a better life, be happy for the first time. When he came home today, I can hear him talking 80% more fluent than he did 2 days ago. He still doesn't know why, and hasn't mention his speech, but he is acting happy and he knows something is better. Today, I saw a smile, I saw very close to normal speech!!! I didn't want a placebo effect, so I didn't tell him the reason for the Thiamin. He is taking (2) 200 mg. Thiamin Hcl after breakfast, and then (2) more after lunch. (400 mg. total so far) Then he comes home from work. Not sure if he will take 2 more after dinner yet. Just wanted you to know that you may have changed someone's life with this discovery, that you may have given someone with little chance of a normal life (because of not being able to communicate properly) a chance to live a normal life! Thank you with all my heart and soul, Mr. Schwartz. Will forever remember what you have done for my son-you changed his life.

    I do believe this is a basal ganglia problem, because my son has some OCD issues, and there is also a hereditary component, because a parent has ADD, which is also related to the same area of the brain.

  • Martin Schwartz - 5 years ago

    As indicated earlier, votes should be counted only for those who have tried thiamin. Those who have not, should not be included in a total. I would further suggest that those who have found Thiamin benefitted them be encouraged to contact others who stutter to make them aware of this blog.

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