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Is The Term "Nerd" Overused Now?

Posted 5 years.


  • P. Andre Joseph - 5 years ago

    For someone who was a true nerd and was socially awkward, I get offended sometimes when I see celebrities, athletes, or just regular n*ggas that aren't they and claim. I'm positive most haven't suffered the pains of being a nerd. I'm quite sure none of those n*ggas did homework for a cute girl's boyfriend just because she smiled, or collected Pogs at 13 years old. None of them probably didn't have to take a fat chick to homecoming because she asked you and you know that is the best you can get. They were never called Poindexter, Steve Urkel or simply a geek in the cafeteria.

    Im not angry tho.. p*ssy saved me from a life of at least the social awkwardness

  • HC - 5 years ago

    As a former nerd, I resent being a nerd all of a sudden becoming cool. I would have had my ass pushed down in the mud daily if I didn't turn out to be good at sports. More importantly, I'm concerned about Rod talking reckless in these streets about these asshole nerds like he won't get tossed up.

  • ProfessLCH - 5 years ago

    This pic?
    This "Catfish" episode?

  • tacosalad - 5 years ago

    I would say yes, I do not even thing most people my age even know the true definition of the word, now any person with a pair of over-sized glasses and who can see avengers the second week it comes out calls themselves a nerd.

  • jprojectz - 5 years ago

    i said no,its not overused. the definition of nerd has expanded over the years. society has determined that just knowing that broadband is better and faster than dial-up puts u in that "nerd" category.u could b fly as shit n get mad bitches but if u know the name of each Avenger in the Avengers u'se a nerd.also i believe yelling "u nerd!" at sumone, chasing them in the bathroom n giving them a swirly is "for the birds" at this point."niggas aint got time fa all dat!" they too busy befriendin the nerd so he can overclock n jailbreak their iPhone. i like it! i like that we got a director like Nolan to take on Batman. i like that we're bout to get a huge hollywood blockbuster with mechs and giant monsters from an alternate dimension (pacific rim). its really effing cool! but yea, dwayne wade, lebron etc. wearin fake glasses n bowties n shit that is NOT COOL and reminds me of blackface which is a big no-no unless ur names Robert Downy Jr.

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