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Have You Ever Quit A Job?

Posted 5 years.


  • HC - 5 years ago

    I just quit one last week. Rolled out so hard, I felt white privileged as hell. Of course I had one lined up to move on to, though. In fact it comes with my own office, so now I can close the door and listen to The Black Guy Who Tips without headphones on, nigga!

  • da_ticklah - 5 years ago

    I've quit 2 jobs in my life.

    In the first it was pretty well understood I would be leaving eventually. You don't go to College because you want to stay in a data entry job sitting next to GED recipients. I had a going away party and everything, niggas was treating me like Calvin going off to McDonalds, or like them bitches was slow clapping at the end of "An Officer and a Gentlemen" when that trailer trash chick landed herself a naval officer. They were so glad one of us "made it"

    The other job was an entry level professional job that had a pretty douchey boss. The kind of boss that would learn something from an article or another co-worker and then go around to the rest of us using his new found info as some kind of "see that's why I'm in charge" type shit. When my last day came I just skipped that shit, when they called to see when I was coming in I said take today out of my check and mail it to my new addr. I was 24 and getting ready to leave the state to go make a good 15k more than I was making at the time and was pretty much like fuck them. As far as I am concerned my old Boss could suck each of Chill's dicks and write an term paper comparing and contrasting the flavor profiles of each dick.

  • UhSheUh (Ashia) - 5 years ago

    Quit my first job at the movie theatre because one of the managers, not my supervisors, was annoying and bossy (tried to make me close on her assigned closing days.) I was 18 and didn't feel like working for $5.15 anyway, so her attitude gave me a good excuse to bounce. Left right after I made bank during the holidays. Then peace out.

    Left my other job at a half-way house because I went to grad-school. My supervisor and colleagues sent me off in grand fashion, so don't know if that counts as quitting.

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