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Episode #13 theme voting (Poll Closed)

  • Superstition: Craft a dish that plays on a superstition, or a ritual we use to keep bad things from happening. (fingers crossed this theme gets chosen)
    5 votes

  • She blinded me with science!: Use some form of kitchen chemistry to make an avant garde, weird, or just a different take on something ordinary.
    1 vote

  • Lucky #13: Every dish has to include 13 ingredients – no more, no fewer.
    0 votes

  • Rocky mountain high: Get some altitude, make something you’d imagine eating in the rockies, the alps, the himilayas, or whatever range you fancy.
    1 vote

  • Homage to Kozy Shack rice pudding (milk, rice, sugar, eggs, salt, vanilla): No dish can use more than six ingredients.
    4 votes

  • Dishes inspired by NYC neighborhoods: We assign the ‘hood, you pick the dish.
    4 votes


Posted 5 years.

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