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Will this country ever elect another Bush?

Posted 5 years.


  • mag352 - 5 years ago

    I am a Korean War veteran. Ask the families of the 5,000 who lost their live lives in Iraq was it worth it to make a few people rich? I would never vote for another Bush! Please join me. No more undeclared wars!!

  • Mag352 - 5 years ago

    Hello Abednego Kanafei: You are correct on both counts. It is absolutely killing the Republicans that a black, young senator from Illinois whipped their men, McCain and Romney in both elections. I am very sorry that the President is feeding these people tonight. I hope he (the President) is not using our tax money to pay their bill. You know what Romney said yesterday, "I should be the President and could solve our economic problems. He will never be president of the U.S.!! That is one office you can't buy Mr. Romney! Thank God!!

  • Gil De Vincenzi - 5 years ago

    Chrissake,,,,,,, I hope not!!! Elder Bush passed on the "Stupid" gene to GW..........the third loser just falls in step with the rest of the brain dead GOPygmies that spew garbage for 'truth'........

  • julia - 5 years ago

    why? isn'tobama just the same?

  • Anita McGuinn - 5 years ago

    Another Bush is unthinkable. Lets make sure that who-ever they try to force on us, does not get elected. Between now and when the actual nominations take place, I am sure dozens of GOP and Tea Party members will announce they want to run. I cant have a nervous break-down every time another moron jumps in.

  • William Cinnamon - 5 years ago

    Scratch the surface of Florida, and you will find a state in chaos, left behind by Jeb Bush. An education system the is a failure, and child welfare system that fails, an elder care system that fails, even the Everlaldes are endangered.

    No way would we ever vote another Bush into office. Sarah Palin (gasp!) said it "You can put lipstick on a pig, but you still have a pig!"

    BTW, Ed, now that you have interviewed the people from SNAP, and given them their 15 minutes of fame, how about interviewing Catholic Charites, and finding out what the real church is about? Some of us are quite tired of SNAP and their continued accusatory tone, the Church is more than a few bad apples. You fell into their trap!

  • Debora L Swackhammer - 5 years ago

    Another Bush..... the Bushes are destroyers of the America
    I once knew.... They are for themselves as individuals not
    for the masses and the good for all. They lie to gain people'e trust; and, those
    that follow them and majority of the republican party are takers.
    They take from the people who have nothing and squeeze and stomp
    their humility from them. They feel they are in a world of
    their own and above laws of men. When this group the
    powerful and weathy are asked to give more; they whine and blame
    the problems on the poor. We must pray for their souls and love them; and, keep them out of public office.

  • Sebastian G - 5 years ago

    Bush me once, shame on you.
    Bush me twice, shame on me.
    Bush me three times, and we're FRACKED!!

    We must make CERTAIN that we will NEVER see another Grand Obstructionist Party [GOP] member employed ANYWHERE in our country!! The Obstructionist Part only wants to DESTROY. They do not want to create anything!

  • PAUL H - 5 years ago


  • Steve H - 5 years ago

    Question, another Bush in White House, answer, Hell No, screwed twice no way third time. What war would we be in if Jebb got in, Vatican War??? As for Mitt the twit Romney, I do not feel sorry for him or her, they wanted to be King and Queen, but the people voted. The 47%ers voted. Let him go back counting his millions and cars, Houses, Foreign Bank Accounts. He lost, he has to live with it. Postal Service needs to send his mail (Romney) back to sender, no one live here at White House by that name??? He should go live with Boehner/Cantor, even they don't want his sorry ass. Romney and Boehner can cry on each other shoulders. 3-4-2013. 47%ers.

  • Lee Hubbard - 5 years ago

    I voted yes only because Americans are so forgiving or forgetful.
    Even Twit Rummy might give it another go.
    He really needs to start drinking less coffee.

    And whats wrong with "Stand Your Ground Law"?
    80% of these shootings are by gangs.
    Go after gangs and cut shootings by 80% sounds good to me.
    If not, let me stand my ground when those drive bys occur.

  • Sue Wallace - 5 years ago

    I agree with Bob Moon in that the people in our country seem to have a remarkably short memory. I do think that most Americans realize that GW Bush betrayed his country. He began with the tax cuts right after he took office, then after 9/11, allowed himself to be the puppet of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld to take us into an unpaid for war with Iraq! He should be serving time in prison. His brother Jeb has not distanced himself from George W. They have and are dangerously imperiling our country. We must say Never Again!!! ~:/

  • KaAsGs - 5 years ago

    Gah. Would that there is a person by that name who's interested in politics to serve the U.S.A. and not themselved.

  • Gene Self - 5 years ago

    I live in a red state. I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings,
    but Jeb Bush could most certainly be a serious contender
    for the presidency.

  • JC - 5 years ago

    Gosh.. No more Bush...

  • Sylvester Stanislas - 5 years ago

    I think jeb bush will be punished politically after his brother screwed up the country, and now that the republicans are sabotaging Pres. OBAMA, to repeat the same policy George w Bush used to get us in this situation, i think it will be a long time before another gop candidate wins the white house

  • Dave - 5 years ago

    The 6.94% that responded that they would vote for another Bush is surprising to me. I've been under the impression that at least 10% of this country was actually so monumentally stupid that they would do something that idiotic. It's nice to know that there aren't really as many braindead assholes running around as I thought there were.

  • Stuart Hale - 5 years ago

    "There's an old saying in Tennessee - I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee - that says, fool me once, shame on - shame on you. Fool me - you can't get fooled again", or again!

  • Joanne - 5 years ago

    God forbid! No more REPUBLICANS, especially BUSH'S! Their disasters take a decade to recover from.

  • Lou Seawell - 5 years ago

    OMG - no we didn't learn after the first one but we sure did learn after we elected the second Bush, the worst pres in history. I do not think 911 would happened if the Bushes were not elected. The economy would probably be in good shape.

  • Sandy D. - 5 years ago

    No, No, No a thousand times no more Bushes!! We have had enough Bushes for the rest of this century and beyond! Our country has had enough Republicans for the rest of the century also! I am sick of them whining and whining, they need to get their heads out of the sand and get to work like the rest of us. Enough time off, you are getting paid big bucks, start earning it!!!! And no more Bushes!!!!

  • seniorcitizenopinion - 5 years ago

    Boehner is BIG LIAR!

  • Anna Burns - 5 years ago

    Ed this country needs at least 12 more years of Dem. just to straighten us out. They used to call the Dems. the party of tax and spend well they were. The Republican Party is the party of borrow and spend that is why we are in such a mess. Wake up people and lets get this country back on its feet elect a Democrat !!!!

  • SIMI - 5 years ago

    Not another Bush! I hope American people remember the Savngs and Loan situation from the first Bush, the Iraq war from the second Bush. Enough is enough with the Bushes. Please!

  • seniorcitizenopinion - 5 years ago

    AS long as the Republicans leaderships are lying to people, the Republican will loose! The Republicans needs a complete overhaul = dump all the existing leaderships! They do no have the intelligent to do that! They think they can fool voters by changing rhetorics and put out the SAME OLD SAME - Shame on them!

  • MSheree - 5 years ago

    I will vote for Jeb Bush when he fixes all the sink holes in Florida

  • seniorcitizenopinion - 5 years ago

    NO, NO Mr. Romney, senior citizens are the majority! We did not and will not believe what you said and say! Only STUPID VOTERS BELIEVE YOU! and That was the reasons YOU AND YOUR STUPID PARTY WERE LOST!

  • seniorcitizenopinion - 5 years ago

    What ever politicians of the stupid party say, we, the VOTERS know that we will give the DEMOCRATIC PARTY the control of both houses in 2014! THe 114 Congress and they will pass all the bills the STUPID POLITICIANS BLOCKED SINCE 2010!

  • Garyv Wahl - 5 years ago

    Good God, I hope not. But if he does and gets elected, that just proves we don't learn from past Bush mistakes. I realize the avewrage IQ in the country is 100 but surely the country couldn't be that dumb.

  • Brenda Harris - 5 years ago

    Ed I pray not.Have. we not learned to stay "out of the Bushes"??

  • seniorcitizenopinion - 5 years ago

    - Romney "... I did not meant what I say! ..." Well snake oil salesman never meant what he said to people also!
    It is very clear the all Romney wants is to be called "MR. PRESIDENT" and his wife ANN also wants to be called the "1st Lady"! The rest of what they said and say are NOTHING!

  • miss minnie - 5 years ago

    NO. after the mess the last Bush left this country in. surely there are not that many stupid peope in America that would elect another Bush.

  • Pat - 5 years ago

    No more shrubs!

  • Jim - 5 years ago

    Unfortunately, yes!
    Our country has already elected a Bush two times now. We didn't learn from the first, what makes you think middle America has learned after having another Bush disaster.

  • hattie graham - 5 years ago


  • LaVina - 5 years ago

    Are you kidding me!!!!! No way!!!! Have enough of Bush to last for a lifetime. Jeb is no better than Daddy or Junior. Even if Jeb was elected before Junior, it will be a disaster. Remember, both Daddy and Junior has put this country through two wars where lives were lost, and didn't have no plan to end it.

    Jeb cannot deal with the Republicans today, he too moderate where he will get killed in the primaries.
    Beside, this is the same Jeb Bush who was Governor of Florida who passed "Stand Your Ground" law and helped his brother win the election by cheating in 2000.

  • Mark L - 5 years ago

    I voted no. Heaven help us if I'm wrong. I'll apply his brothers befuddled attempt at a quote. "There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again."

  • Mary S. Saenz - 5 years ago

    NO WAY!!!

  • tim buck - 5 years ago

    Ed, i voted yes because as we saw in the last election, there is a HUGE slice of white america who will pull the Republican lever even if Bozo the Clown was the candidate. I would really love to have you have die- hard republican supporters on your show explaining their allegiance to the GOP based on what they stand for and their platform. I don't think it matters if it is Jeb Bush or not, and i am living here in the bible belt of Georgia, people vote republican and don't even know why. maybe as many shows on MSNBC have alluded to it is just that white america thinks the republican party will protect them. it is a mystery to me for sure.

  • robert moore - 5 years ago

    Not no but hell no !!!!!

  • Nancy - 5 years ago

    no just no, but HELL NO!!! just what we don't need, another bush in the WH

  • seniorcitizenopinion - 5 years ago

    NO, NO, GW lied to the whole world and brought us and many of our allies to go to UNNECESSARY WAR and RUINED the US ECONOMY! It is more than enough! But you never know what the STUPID PARTY! They might put out another Flip-Flop besides Romney!

  • ABEDNEGO KANAFEI - 5 years ago

    if the republican think they love this country, or love the American people,or think that they are during the right things for the American people,all the millions of dollars they were donating free agaisnt president Obama,let all American pay just two dollars towards the debts in every states every month for one year to reduce the difficit.if this doesn't work the republican have the right to put me to jail for life. this was done in Liberia in work and it will work for us open to be call

  • margo westerlund - 5 years ago

    Are you kidding. 2 is two to many. We sure don't need another one to mess up what Obama has had to clean up after the past 2

  • EDWARD DARRAH - 5 years ago

    Two Presidents named Bush were enough for any country.

  • DonnaJoy - 5 years ago

    Jed Bush is a devil. He is trying to destroy public education while making money on pushing for profit charter school. He was in bed with the NRA and ALEC to enact the first Stand Your Ground law.

  • Kim Doyle Wille - 5 years ago

    We need an "I hope NOT" option, Ed!

  • Bob Moon - 5 years ago

    Ed I voted NO on the poll however I think it is only wishful thinking on my part. The sad thing is that our country has a demonstrably short memory and and you can NEVER say never.

  • ABEDNEGO KANAFEI - 5 years ago

    why are the republican killing us in this country and pretendding,they love America; is this because America have a black president!

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